Metalogix Revolutionizes SharePoint Backup and Recovery by Integrating the Leading SharePoint Backup Tool with the Leading SharePoint Storage Optimization Tool to Give Organizations Unprecedented Backup Speeds and Minimize the Risk of Data Loss

WASHINGTON, DC – August 14, 2014 — / — Metalogix, provider of the industry’s most recognized and trusted management tools for mission-critical collaboration platforms, including SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365, announced today the release of Metalogix SharePoint Backup 5.0 and Metalogix StoragePoint 5.0 with integration that expedites the backup of SharePoint content from hours to minutes. StoragePoint 5.0 and SharePoint Backup 5.0 supports organizations by significantly improving their disaster recovery preparedness and minimizing the risk of data loss by performing automated, fast and secure backups of entire SharePoint farms.

The integration of StoragePoint 5.0 with SharePoint Backup 5.0 results in continuous and automatic backup of SharePoint content. As a result of this innovative approach, the amount of time required to fully backup content databases is reduced from hours to minutes and backup frequencies can be increased resulting in greater, continuous protection of mission-critical content.

“This release is such a game changer,” said Tom Benjamin, SharePoint Systems Officer at Capital Regional District of British Columbia. “Fast speed, simplification of granular back up and allowing me to restore content from our VSS snapshots is key. I even discovered a second way to utilize the new functionality; my database administrator has been taking backups of SharePoint databases for years. I can import them and perform restores on demand. The new version puts Metalogix SharePoint Backup at the head of the pack.”

SharePoint service interruptions resulting in data loss or data corruption happen daily and can have a significant business impact, with lost time, money and productivity. SharePoint Backup 5.0 and StoragePoint 5.0 have been designed to address the challenges of protecting fast growing and increasingly complex SharePoint environments. StoragePoint uses Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) technology to shrink the size of content databases by up to 98 percent by moving content out of the SQL Server, resulting in higher performance and up to 50x faster backup speeds. SharePoint Backup 5.0 backs up all aspects of SharePoint including service applications, search data, and farm configuration – via a single, easy-to-manage process.

“With average farms sizes over 1TB and growing at over 75 percent every year, clients have told us that existing storage and backup infrastructure severely limits their ability to effectively store and protect mission-critical content,” said Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix. “Our engineering experts have innovated an approach that gives clients the flexibility to store SharePoint content where they want – on-premises or in the Cloud and achieve fast, more complete backups than a traditional database backup could ever possibly achieve. The combination of SharePoint Backup 5.0 with StoragePoint 5.0 provides organizations an innovative and fast approach to improve storage and backup & recovery of SharePoint content.”

SharePoint Backup 5.0 adapts to existing backup tools and supports restoring content from multiple legacy file types, including SQL Server backup (BAK), and data and log files (MDF/LDF). This capability ensures organizations deploying SharePoint Backup 5.0 remain compliant with backup retention requirements and have the flexibility to work with existing enterprise backup solutions. SharePoint administrators can get a backup solution purpose-built for SharePoint and their unique needs without disrupting generic corporate-wide backup processes or tools.

To learn how your organization can use StoragePoint 5.0 and SharePoint Backup 5.0 to prepare for and recover from SharePoint disruptions, download the free eBook – “The Top 5 SharePoint Daily Disasters & How to Recover from Them.”

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