Oracle Cloud Platform services help customers develop and deploy applications leveraging big data analytics, social, and mobile

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News Summary
The Oracle Cloud Platform enables customers and partners to easily build new applications, extend Oracle software as a service (SaaS) applications, and migrate existing on-premises applications to the cloud. The Oracle Cloud Platform offers customers and partners the same platform as a service (PaaS) foundation upon which Oracle runs its own SaaS applications and upon which 19 of the world’s top 20 SaaS providers rely. Based on the performance, reliability, scalability, and security of Oracle Database, Java, and Oracle Fusion Middleware, with built-in multitenancy, in-memory analytics, mobile, and social capabilities, the Oracle Cloud Platform provides a fast and easy way for customers and ISVs to move to the cloud. With the new services announced today, Oracle further extends its Platform Services to include big data analytics, integration, process management, Java Platform, Standard Edition, and Node.js.

News Facts

  • Continuing to innovate and expand the Oracle Cloud portfolio, Oracle introduced six new Oracle Cloud Platform services that help customers and partners develop and deploy new applications, extend and personalize Oracle SaaS applications, and migrate existing on-premises applications to Oracle Cloud.
  • The Oracle Cloud Platform provides the foundation for Oracle’s own SaaS applications and is relied on by most of the world’s top SaaS providers. Oracle provides the same platform to enterprises and ISVs, enabling them to take advantage of Oracle Database, Java, and Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies, including rich capabilities for multitenancy, in-memory analytics, mobile, and social.
  • Today, Oracle announced expansion of the Oracle Cloud Platform to include new functionality for big data analytics, integration, process management, Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), and Node.js for server-side JavaScript.
  • Oracle Cloud provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of public cloud services across SaaS, PaaS, data as a service (DaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
  • Unlike other clouds that offer services in one or two layers, Oracle Cloud is the only cloud that delivers a broad portfolio of integrated services across data, applications, platform, and infrastructure areas.
  • Oracle Cloud continues to show strong adoption, supporting 62 million users and 23 billion transactions each day. Oracle Cloud runs on 30,000 devices and 400 petabytes of storage in 19 data centers around the world.
  • Additionally, Oracle continues to provide partners with new opportunities, enabling them to reach Oracle’s customer base, grow their business, and extend their success in the cloud. Oracle also recently announced a new two-tier VAD distribution program, a new community called Oracle Cloud Connection, and the expansion of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to include system integrators.
  • Business technology research and advisory services firm Ventana Research awarded Oracle with the 2014 Technology Innovation Award for Business Innovation in the category of Cloud Computing, recognizing the company as a pioneer that drives change and increased value for organizations. The Ventana Technology Innovation Awards, presented annually, identify the technologies that have had or have the potential to have the most striking positive impact on business and honor their providers.  More information on this prestigious award can be found at

Latest Additions to Oracle Cloud Platform Services Portfolio
Oracle announced six new Oracle Cloud Platform services, including:

  • Oracle Big Data Cloud: Enables customers to analyze and process vast amounts of data using the Hadoop framework on a secure, elastic, managed, and easy-to-use infrastructure platform that is fully integrated with other Oracle Cloud services.
  • Oracle Mobile Cloud: Enables customers to rapidly bring enterprise-grade mobile apps to market with a cloud-based mobile back end.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud: Enables customers to rapidly design, deploy, monitor, and manage cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premises integrations using a rich and intuitive browser-based interface.
  • Oracle Process Cloud: Empowers business users to design, deploy, monitor, and optimize business processes to improve efficiency, agility, and productivity.
  • Oracle Node.js Cloud: Enables customers to easily and rapidly deploy JavaScript applications along with any required libraries on a highly available and dynamically scalable Oracle Cloud infrastructure complete with cloud-based tooling for continuous integration and application management.
  • Oracle Java SE Cloud: Enables customers to quickly deploy Java SE 7 or 8 applications along with any required libraries or frameworks on a highly available and dynamically scalable Oracle Cloud infrastructure complete with cloud-based tooling for continuous integration and application management.

Oracle Cloud Platform Services Now Generally Available
These new services expand the Oracle Cloud Platform services that are now available:
Oracle Database Cloud: Provides full control of a dedicated database instance and supports any Oracle Database application, giving users greater flexibility and choice over the level of managed services provided by Oracle.

  • Oracle Database Backup Cloud: Enables customers to back up on-premises databases to Oracle Cloud with encryption, compression, and three-way mirroring.
  • Oracle Java Cloud: Provides Oracle WebLogic Server clusters for deployment of Java applications and gives full administrative control over the service with automated backup, recovery, patching, and high-availability capabilities.
  • Oracle Messaging Cloud: Provides an infrastructure that enables reliable communication between software components.
  • Oracle Developer Cloud: Provides development teams with a hosted development platform with application lifecycle management and team collaboration.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud: Enables users to create visual, interactive dashboards for the web and mobile devices.
  • Oracle Documents Cloud: Provides a flexible, secure file-sharing and collaboration solution for mobile devices and desktops, and integration with on-premises and cloud applications.

Supporting Quote
“Today’s cloud computing technologies have the potential to open up a wealth of business opportunities, but to truly embrace the benefits the cloud offers, there needs to be a robust supporting platform in place,” said Thomas Kurian, executive vice president of product development at Oracle. “With this new set of platform services, Oracle is positioned even better than before to help our customers realize the true benefits of cloud computing. Oracle will continue to expand its portfolio of functionally rich, integrated, and secure platform services built on a core set of infrastructure services to truly empower the developer community to build modern applications of tomorrow.”

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