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TAMPA BAY – FL – December 09, 2014 — / — It turns out that women are more responsible than men when it comes to handling critical business data and electronic devices. This is according to the Employee Behavioral Study from TeamViewer, one of the world’s most popular providers of remote control and online meeting software. TeamViewer surveyed more than 2,000 employees to examine the behavior and attitudes of American office workers and how they affect on-the-job data loss.

The results of the survey came as a surprise to many employees and employers, including the team of experts at TeamViewer’s airbackup. As part of a recent blog post titled “Don’t Play with Fire”, airbackup developed a list of actions to take to help prevent data loss in organizations.

When it comes to what system administrators and organizations can do to avoid losing critical data, the article suggests that it’s always a good idea to make sure that employees understand the dangers that arise from thoughtless behavior. While written instructions via email, FAQs, and other texts with warnings are a good start, educating your staff is key. This can be done by implementing training programs with a real hands-on approach that also provides a to-do list for emergencies.

“As the airbackup survey shows, devices are not just lost on company premises but also when employees are on the road,” writes Axel Schmidt, PR Manager at TeamViewer. “Salesforce employees collect important data each day they are traveling, so this must be backed up – even if the employees are still on the road. This is easiest with an online back-up solution, which should employ strong encryption technologies since salespeople often use unencrypted wireless services in hotels.”

TeamViewer’s airbackup supports organizations with safeguarding their business data without the use of an on-premise backup infrastructure. airbackup uses BackupBoost™ technology, which means extremely fast and effective data analysis, deduplication, and powerful data compression. Airbackup performs incremental backup on a block level, so only altered and new data blocks are transmitted. The retention of all deleted files guarantees that office workers don’t need to worry if they delete a file by accident. airbackup also comes with maximum security: The 256-bit AES encryption works with a private key users generate during the set-up process to ensure that the data is protected from unauthorized access at all times. All data is locally encrypted before the data transfer so that no one, not even the airbackup support professionals, can access it. airbackup can be downloaded at

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