All the core services that the modern business needs to operate in the mobile and cloud era!

JOHANNESBURG, SA – August 24, 2015 — / — AgileCloud, an offering brought to you by CommerceQuest South Africa, announced today its launch of Cloud Workspace Suite, a comprehensive suite of services a business needs to operate in today’s modern era.

Cloud Workspace Suite helps companies significantly reduce operational costs as well as cut capital expenditure though eliminating the requirement for on-site servers, software and associated maintenance.

Cloud Workspace Suite combines all of the essential modern-day business service needs into one unified cloud solution:

Hosted Exchange:
The Hosted Exchange platform is a fully managed secure messaging solution which makes use of data centres that have five levels of anti-spam and anti-virus scans with SSL encryption, ensuring the secure messaging your business requires.

Enterprise file sync and share with workstation backup:
Mobile collaboration is made possible through SyncVault, a full featured cloud storage solution, which can replace your file server when deployed onsite, designed to deliver cloud storage applications, including encrypted file synchronisation and sharing. The hosted backup component is unlike any other online backup software, with there being no need to pick folders and files.

McAfee e-mail archiving:
Companies are now able to harness the power of the most complete security SaaS platform in the industry: it allows companies to easily archive and then find crucial email data when it is needed, through a South African deployed instance of the world’s leading provider of cloud-based e-mail security and archiving – McAfee SaaS.

With enhanced cross-team collaboration, users are able to set up sites to share information with others, manage document workflows from start to finish and publish insights to help everyone make better decisions.

Exclaimer e-mail branding:
E-mail branding ensures all e-mail looks professional consistently and can drive qualified traffic to your Web site directly from your everyday business e-mail.

Identity management:
Managing users’ provisioning and identity is simplified and made possible through IDSync, which provides application-level user security, password synchronisation and access management for both on-premises and cloud-based services.

The Cloud Workspace Suite gives companies enhanced levels of productivity through allowing employees to work from anywhere with any Internet-connected device, via secure, high-performance access to applications and data. Cloud Workspace Suite also addresses the complex data privacy and other security requirements, eliminating these complex security challenges companies face nowadays.

Uptime guarantee:
Understanding that downtime impacts on companies’ productivity and bottom line is why Cloud Workspace Suite has an unmatched network uptime guarantee and a financially backed SLA.
Whether you are starting off small, or have an existing cloud service provider, the team at AgileCloud would be able to show you how cost-effective and easy it is to take the cost and administration headaches away, so your IT can focus on the important things.

For more information, visit:

(+27) 11 447 4701

Source: AgileCloud


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