MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – October 10, 2015 — / — BackupAssist Software is excited to announce the newest version of their server backup solution, BackupAssist v9. This version, which is available globally as of September 30th 2015, represents a significant leap forward in server backup and system recovery technology.

BackupAssist v9 is particularly focused on server virtualization, introducing two new Hyper-V focused features: Rapid VM Recovery, and the Hyper-V Tab.

Rapid VM Recovery allows businesses to temporarily recover a Hyper-V guest machine within seconds, acting as a stop-gap to ensure critical systems and data are kept online until a full-recovery can be performed.

BackupAssist v9 will also automatically detect when it is installed on a Hyper-V environment, and display the Hyper-V Tab within its User Interface (UI). The Hyper-V Tab allows businesses to easily manage and monitor all Hyper-V guests on the host, displaying which are being backed up, when the last successful backups ran, and any potential issues that may prevent successful backups. It also allows for selection of individual guests for Rapid or Full Recovery.

These features, and a wide range of others, are offered in BackupAssist v9 at the same accessible price-point that has always made BackupAssist Software the solution of choice for SMBs, SMEs, Enterprise, Not-for-Profits, Government and Educational Institutions worldwide.

“BackupAssist v9 takes the advanced features necessary for protecting complex environments, both virtual and physical, and offers them at a price-point within reach of organizations of all shapes and sizes,” says Steven Chua, Business Development Manager of BackupAssist Software.

Key Improvements Include:
· Rapid VM Recovery – Recover a Hyper-V guest from its backup destination in seconds, offering a temporary stop-gap to minimize downtime until a Full Recovery can be performed.

· Hyper-V Tab – Manage and monitor Hyper-V guests from within the BackupAssist UI, with the ability to view backup statuses, alerts and warnings, as well as select any individual guest for Rapid or Full Recovery.

· Bootable Backup Media – Any bare-metal image backup to an external USB hard drive can now be made into a boot-ready recovery media. This means only one device, housing both the backup and recovery drivers, is needed to recover an entire system to bare-metal.

· Up to 40% Speed Improvements – BackupAssist v9 can achieve up to 40% speed improvements in its file-level backup engine, and up to 30% speed improvements in its block-level backup engine.

· Much more – See BackupAssist v9 release notes ( for full details.

About BackupAssist Software
BackupAssist starts from US $279 with a range of inexpensive add-ons for physical and virtual systems. This means users will only ever pay for what they need. Since its initial launch in 2002, BackupAssist has built upon reliable, standard technology to create solid backups that are not locked in proprietary formats. BackupAssist is trusted by businesses in more than 145 countries globally.

About Cortex IT Labs (Developers of BackupAssist Software)
Cortex I.T. Labs Pty Ltd is an Australian software company based in Melbourne that specializes in data protection solutions for organizations from small to medium business (SMBs) through to enterprise-scale publically listed companies, educational institutions and government bodies. With offices in the USA and Australia and sales in over 145 countries, you can be assured that your backup and data protection needs are in safe hands.

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