NEW YORK, LONDON and SINGAPORE, October 19, 2015 — / — Vaultize (, the enterprise file security leader and among the 20 Most Promising BYOD Solution providers, announced integration with IBM Lotus Notes to enable large size file sharing with complete security, IT control and visibility to meet compliance and data governance requirements.

Seamless integration of Lotus Notes with enterprise digital rights management, enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), mobile collaboration, mobile content management (MCM) under a single platform strengthens the position of Vaultize as the leader in enterprise file security – giving enterprise IT end-to-end security, control and visibility, while providing consumer-like user experience to end-users.

The Vaultize Plug-in for IBM Lotus Notes replaces email attachments with secure links – enabling better IT control while reducing email storage (both in the mailbox and on email server) and network bandwidth. Further, Vaultize’s embedded enterprise digital rights management (eDRM or information rights management aka IRM) further enhances file security by converting the file attachments into their DRM-encrypted versions so that access control on shared files is always maintained – even after the recipients have downloaded the files. Everything is driven through centralized IT policies with embedded access controls like IP/Geo fencing, digital rights management – providing tracking, audit trails and eDiscovery capabilities required to meet compliances.

Vaultize Notes plug-in reduces the size of both primary and secondary mailboxes (mailbox size in Domino server and desktop clients) significantly, which enhances the user experience due to faster load times. Smart de-duplication reduces network and storage usage by up to 90 percent. All shared files are stored only once on the secure Vaultize server/cloud and a link is automatically inserted in the email. Multiple versions of the same file are stored incrementally in a de-duplicated form, resulting in significant savings in storage and bandwidth.

The Key features of Vaultize Lotus Notes Plug-in include:

  • Attachment Conversion to Link: Convert attachments into secure links. Even large attachments can be added to your email quickly because of Vaultize global de-duplication and WAN optimization technology.
  • Policy Based Control: Policy based auto-conversion of email attachments to links – improving security, network usage and storage utilization. Attachment replacement policies can be based on the size of attachments, sender and recipients of the email. Expiry can be set based on time period or number of accesses.
  • Optimize Storage Capacity of Mail Server and NSF: Save server and mailbox storage by up to 90% and reduce network utilization using smart de-duplication technology of Vaultize.
  • Multiple Viewing Options: Files are accessible to recipients through web based online document viewer.
  • Access Management: Set access rights on the links – restrict access to sender and receiver only, restrict access or downloads or make files view-only through online document viewer.
  • Sharing & Replacement: IT control over the use of plug-in using policies for attachment replacement and sharing.
  • Enterprise Digital Rights Management (DRM): Access control with automated DRM policies applied on email attachments – restrict the edit, print, copy/paste, forward by recipients. Ability to track each and every activity on files and the option to revoke access any time.
  • Integration with Content-aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Vaultize integrates with all popular content-aware DLP solutions through ICAP protocol. This allows enterprise IT to set automated policies to allow, block or DRM-protect email attachments based on the content classification accordance with regulations and compliance.
  • Geo & IP Fencing: Access Control with Geo and IP fencing and track all accesses to the files with Geo and IP tracking.
  • No Limit on the file size: Vaultize does not limit the size of attachments and hence users can share files of any size.

Vaultize rights management uses US patent-pending Micro-containerization technology, which is agnostic to file-formats and provides end-to-end file security. In this information centric approach to enterprise digital rights management, Vaultize embeds access rights in the document itself such that it is only usable by the authorized recipients in compliance with DRM-protection policies. Through this, access to shared documents can be controlled and permissions to open, view, download, print, copy-paste, forward and edit those documents can be managed (and even revoked). The shared documents can also be watermarked and can be given restricted access through web-based online document viewer.

Vaultize helps Fortune 500 companies, including those in security-conscious and regulated verticals ensure end-to-end file security, control and visibility of corporate sensitive data. The end-users get Dropbox-like user experience with the ability to access, edit and share documents from any device (including BYOD) from anywhere. Enterprise IT can choose between the flexible deployment options to deploy either on-premise (on a single server or a scalable private cloud) or use a hosted service from Vaultize public cloud (from Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Vaultize MSP partner data centers).

Vaultize’s US patented technology Vault KNOX performs military-grade encryption of data together with de-duplication on user devices at the source itself – making it the most secure and efficient file sharing solution in the world. Vaultize’s unique data containerization process provides unprecedented security down to the file level, liberating users form relying on third-party security protocols.

About Vaultize:
Vaultize is an award-winning privately held company that provides enterprise file sharing, VPN-free secure anywhere access and mobile collaboration with DRM, MCM and policy-based endpoint backup. It has presence in 50+ countries – including the US, Europe, APAC, Middle East and Africa, through network of resellers, distributors, system integrators and MSPs. A free virtual appliance with 10-user perpetual license is available for download.

The popular use cases of Vaultize include Enterprise-Dropbox (Dropbox Alternative), FTP Replacement, Workspace Collaboration, Virtual Data Room (VDR), VPN-free access to file-servers/NAS and Endpoint Data Protection – everything with zero data leakage.

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