New Subscription, Cloud Storage Pricing and Large-Scale Models Give Customers Increased Flexibility for Integrated Backup in Physical, Virtual, Cloud, and Hybrid Environments

CAMPBELL, CA – March 29, 2016 — / — Barracuda Networks, Inc. (NYSE: CUDA) –

News Highlights:

  • Barracuda announced significant updates to its Barracuda Backup product line, including new subscription and cloud storage pricing and two new large-scale models – increasing deployment flexibility for customers operating in physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments.
  • Barracuda Backup Vx is a software offering that is deployed as a virtual machine in VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, and includes the same integrated backup functionality as the physical Barracuda Backup appliance. It can now be purchased as a per-socket subscription for virtual hosts, which includes software replication. Physical server backup with Barracuda Backup Vx can be licensed on a per-server basis.
  • Barracuda Backup Vx includes a new metered Barracuda Cloud Storage plan that is priced competitively against major public cloud storage providers. With today’s announcement, it now includes built-in data redundancy and the ability to move data out of the cloud without additional bandwidth charges as with other cloud backup providers.
  • Barracuda also introduced a new standalone purchasing option for Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup. The new option offers one of the industry’s most cost-effective cloud backup services.
  • Barracuda Backup 790 offers 12 TB of usable capacity and Barracuda Backup 895 offers 24 TB of usable capacity, giving customers cost effective options as their backup requirements expand.

Barracuda today announced multiple updates to its Barracuda Backup product line – including new subscription and cloud storage pricing and two new large-scale Barracuda Backup models. Barracuda’s new pricing for Barracuda Backup Vx and Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides customers with integrated backup functionality at industry-competitive price points. Barracuda’s new Barracuda Backup 790 and 895 offer 12 TB and 24 TB of usable capacity, respectively. For organizations transitioning to cloud, hybrid, and virtual network configurations or for those who already have made the move, these updates offer additional flexibility for data protection and recovery in a single-source solution.

“Barracuda is an established leader in the worldwide purpose-built backup appliance market and we’re pleased to expand our offering with Barracuda Backup Vx as a purpose-built virtual appliance,” said Rod Mathews, GM Storage, Barracuda. “Many businesses deploying backup software for virtualization are forced to deal with the headaches of licensing, deploying, and maintaining a ‘build-it-yourself’ solution with multiple point products. Barracuda Backup Vx delivers the same integrated functionality and quick setup experience as Barracuda physical appliances. Barracuda offers a cost effective integrated backup solution – regardless of how customers want to deploy. Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to helping customers simplify their data protection needs.”

New Subscriptions and Cloud Storage Pricing
Barracuda Backup Vx can be deployed as a purpose-built virtual appliance to protect virtualized and physical environments with existing storage infrastructures. The offering is now available as a software subscription with pricing starting at a US list of price of $599 USD per socket per year, and includes Barracuda’s award-winning support and ongoing product updates.

For offsite replication to Barracuda Cloud Storage, Barracuda Backup Vx can be coupled with a new metered cloud storage plan starting at a list price of $799 USD per TB per year. Capacity is measured based on how much cloud storage is consumed after deduplication and compression. Barracuda Cloud Storage includes WAN optimization, offsite compression and encryption, and offsite vaulting for extended retention for historical revisions. Barracuda’s solution also includes geographic or colocation data redundancy. Customers can also choose to replicate to a remote Barracuda Backup Vx receiver for basic disaster recovery.

Standalone Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup now can be purchased as a standalone subscription starting at a US list price of  $20 USD per-user per year. With some alternative solutions priced at $30- $50 USD per user per year, Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is price competitive with other offerings in the industry. Barracuda delivers even more value with the new Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 Complete Protection edition starting at a US list price of $45 USD per user per year, which includes backup, archiving, and email security in an integrated solution designed for Office 365 environments.

Increased Storage Options and Improved Upgrade Paths
The new Barracuda Backup models include the Barracuda Backup 790 with 12 TB of usable capacity and the Barracuda Backup 895 with 24 TB of usable capacity. The new additions offer customers greater flexibility and existing Barracuda customers now have more upgrade options when additional capacity is required.

“Barracuda Backup provides our organization with the flexibility to manage our backup and recovery needs in a way that makes the most sense for us,” said Ken Kula, Partner and CFO at Eleven Inc. “Not only is Barracuda a great fit on the technology end, Barracuda also simplifies the pricing, deployment and management processes by covering all the pieces of backup and recovery with a single vendor solution.”

Pricing and Availability
Barracuda Backup Vx virtual appliance subscriptions start at a US list price of $599 USD per-socket or per-server per year. Replication to the Barracuda Cloud starts at a US list price of $799 USD per TB per year and includes inline source and target-based global deduplication and compression, as well as data redundancy between or within Barracuda’s geographically-dispersed enterprise-grade data centers. The Barracuda Backup 790 appliance starts at a US list price of $17,698 USD, and the Barracuda Backup 895 appliance starts at a US list price of $35,398 USD.

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Forward-Looking Statements 
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