Modernizes Primary Storage Environment and Eliminates Traditional Backup

AUSTIN, TX – Dec. 6, 2016 — / — Caringo today announced that Texas Tech University System (Texas Tech) has implemented Caringo Swarm object storage infrastructure to replace its primary file storage environment to gain scalability, improve TCO and prepare for future applications and services for its end users.

With more than 50,000 end users throughout 200 departments, Texas Tech students, researchers, professors and others were sharing an IT infrastructure that was built out of a front-end file virtualization platform and a back end of multiple arrays with different characteristics. The diverse and complex infrastructure was a compromise to satisfy acquisition cost limitations, but it required considerable management. By migrating its primary storage environment to Caringo Swarm, Texas Tech was able to achieve the best total cost of acquisition while greatly improving the overall storage total cost of ownership and making the infrastructure future ready.

“Maintaining backups and archives is very expensive,” said Ryan Curry, Assistant Managing Director of Technology Operations and Systems Management at Texas Tech. “With erasure coding, replication and other data protection features, we can move away from traditional backup. Object storage can take care of itself. Resiliency and flexibility is the real benefit for us.”

Offered as a complete software appliance, Swarm provides a storage platform for data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale. Users no longer need to migrate data into disparate solutions for content delivery, ongoing analysis, and data protection.

With Caringo Swarm, users can consolidate all their files, find the data they are looking for quickly, and reduce storage total cost of ownership by up to 75 percent. Infrastructure, multi-tenancy, data protection, data management, and search are built in—delivering a robust platform that supports continuous evolution of hardware and delivers evolving views of data sets.

“After evaluating solutions from several traditional, software-defined and open-source vendors, Texas Tech recognized that Caringo Swarm offered them the best opportunity to gain the flexibility they sought without compromising data protection, data services, ease of use or performance,” said Tony Barbagallo, Caringo VP of Product. “By allowing Texas Tech to select the hardware that best fits their needs, we not only allow them to work within their acquisition budget but greatly reduce the time and complexity of management that was becoming problematic.”

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