Twice the density and 40 percent lower cost per GB eases data center pain during explosive growth in unstructured data

SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 16, 2017 — / — Cloudian, Inc., a global leader in hybrid cloud object storage systems, today announced its HyperStore 4000 appliance, a high-density storage platform that meets the demands of explosive data growth and limited data center space with the performance of an on-premises solution and cloud-like prices.

The HyperStore 4000 is designed for customers in data-intensive markets such as life sciences, healthcare and entertainment where storage demands double every year, straining the limits of modern data centers. These environments require enormous amounts of object-based storage that provides seamless scalability and limitless growth for data types such as media files, research information or backup / archive data. The HyperStore 4000 manages these massive unstructured data sets for about half a cent per GB per month, a cost level more commonly associated with cloud storage.

“Data centers are filled to the brim with storage equipment, yet they are still tasked with accommodating a 50 percent annual growth in unstructured data,” said Cloudian CEO Michael Tso. “Cloudian’s HyperStore 4000 specifically addresses the space and cost concerns of modern data centers with super-density on-premises storage at cloud-like costs.”

With 700TB in a 7″ inch high, 4U enclosure, the HyperStore 4000 reduces storage costs by 40 percent versus previous Cloudian solutions. Data availability is enhanced by the resilient architecture that includes two separate compute nodes per chassis, delivering 99.999999 percent data durability from a three-appliance cluster. The HyperStore 4000 also includes built-in hybrid cloud tiering that enables customers to optimize their storage model with a combination of on-premises Cloudian storage and public cloud storage.

“Genome data volumes are growing exponentially. The amount of sequenced data typically stored for a single genome is 30 times greater than the data for the genome itself – a volume that poses dramatic challenges for enterprise clients and data center operators alike,” said Chris Orlando, co-founder and CSMO at ScaleMatrix. “Organizations in life sciences and healthcare must have solutions that can pack more data into existing space to ensure that information is available and accessible to solve new research challenges. The HyperStore 4000 is a big step in innovative data center design that will help drive down the cost of our storage services.”

“Our customers are increasingly adopting object storage as they grapple with data proliferation, especially in use cases such as data protection, media and entertainment and video surveillance,” said Ken Proulx, president and CEO of PRX Technologies. “With the Cloudian HyperStore 4000, our clients can now get the data density and data durability they need to manage the challenge of storing more data in the same space while meeting demanding service level agreements.”

The HyperStore 4000 offers a cost-effective and flexible alternative for IT managers who demand petabyte-scalable storage with the performance and data locality of an on-premises solution. The product also provides the highest level of S3 API compatibility to ensure plug-and-play interoperability with S3-enabled applications.

“At about half a cent per GB per month, Cloudian now offers on-premises storage for less than what we’d expect to pay for cloud storage,” said Arthur Olshansky, CTO at Federal Hill Solutions. “And with hybrid cloud tiering built in, our customers are now free to optimize their storage model, using the combination of on-premises Cloudian storage and public cloud storage together in the way that best suits their operational needs.”

Use cases for the Cloudian HyperStore 4000 include data protection, media and entertainment, video surveillance, research, and data archive. The scale-out solution complements all-flash arrays and hyperconverged infrastructure storage solutions that are designed for the 20 percent of data that is performance-sensitive.

“We see millions of dollars in high end storage going to waste every day, storing information that has low business value. IT managers and line of business owners can free up those valuable assets simply by migrating them to Cloudian,” said Will Hall, CEO of Data Frameworks. “At a cost point equivalent to cloud storage, the new Cloudian HyperStore 4000 appliance provides a great solution for archival data. Cloudian’s petabyte-scalable object storage, combined with DataFrameworks’ ClarityNow! software, provides an immediate path to substantial storage savings.”

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