Datos IO RecoverX Gains Momentum As A Disruptive Force in Cloud Data Management

SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 09, 2017 — /BackupReview.info/ — Datos IO, the application-centric data management company, today announced that Cisco Investments and NetApp have become strategic investors in the company. Datos IO will use the proceeds of this investment to further its revolutionary application-centric approach that provides customers with dramatic backup storage efficiency and rich data management services at a granular level. Enterprises can now intelligently protect and move their traditional and third platform applications either on-premise or back and forth between public clouds or multi-cloud environments.

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Application-Centric Data Management is The Key to Harnessing Hybrid Cloud
Businesses are in the midst of a digital transformation journey. According to research from IDC, 70 percent of CIOs have a cloud-first strategy with the objective of harnessing the power of the cloud to drive growth by delivering new customer-centric products and services, while also driving greater operational efficiency. As part of this journey, enterprises are now operating IT across a multi-cloud infrastructure, deploying applications on the best suited cloud whether private, public, or hybrid. Datos IO delivers a radically simple way to protect and manage data across clouds while eliminating the inherent complexity of multi-cloud environments for a wide variety of data protection use cases including, backup and recovery, test/dev, cloud onramping, archival, long-term retention, and analytics.

“As data is increasingly moving to the cloud, customers need solutions that can bridge boundaries across private, public and hybrid clouds,” said Rob Salvagno, head of Cisco Investments and vice president of Cisco corporate development. “We are excited to invest in a company that is innovating in data management for the fastest growing segment of cloud and third platform applications.”

Datos IO has a unique vision for cloud data management. From the start, co-founders Tarun Thakur, CEO and Prasenjit Sarkar, CTO believed that a cloud-first, application-centric approach to data management is the key to unlocking the benefits of both traditional and third platform applications deployed on-premises or on multi-cloud infrastructure. To support that vision Datos IO has created multiple industry-first technologies using its innovative and ground-breaking CODR™ architecture:

  • An elastic data management engine that can be scaled up or down based on load and provides direct transfer of data from data sources to secondary storage thereby eliminating the inherent shortcomings of media-server or appliance-based backup and recovery solutions.
  • Industry-first semantic deduplication that provides an order of magnitude higher storage savings enabling Datos IO to protect and move data to the cloud far more efficiently than other solutions for both traditional and third platform applications.
  • Rich data services (e.g. BI, search) built on top of a globally distributed metadata catalog. This completely eliminates any restriction on how data can move between clouds allowing customers to use whatever cloud is best suited for their application requirements.

Datos IO RecoverX Eliminates the Complexity of Hybrid Cloud
According to IDC, application deployments will double in the next 24 months, many of them third platform. New, modern applications are being ‘born in the cloud’ and need to be protected, while traditional applications and workloads are increasingly leveraging the cloud requiring data to move seamlessly to, from, and across clouds. However, private, public, and hybrid clouds each use their own unique and distinct infrastructure technologies. Datos IO’s unique application-centric data management approach transcends these barriers allowing organizations to accelerate their adoption of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud.

Whereas traditional backup and recovery and emerging data management solutions are gated by archaic infrastructure contructs like LUNs or VMs, Datos IO has no such limitations providing organizations the freedom to best leverage all their cloud resources as dictated by application requirements. Datos IO’s unique product capabilities allow enterprises to leverage highly efficient data mobility techniques to accelerate their journey to the cloud and rich data services can now be exposed to any location in the enterprise enabling organizations to gain insight to and derive value from their data.

“Datos IO and NetApp share the same vision to reduce complexity in the hybrid cloud so that customers have the freedom to manage their data in whatever manner best meets their needs,” said Mark Bregman, Chief Technology Officer, NetApp. “Datos IO’s unique architecture approach and differentiated capabilities in data protection and data mobility complement our Data Fabric strategy, which is focused on providing rich enterprise data management services. We are impressed with Datos IO’s execution to date as they expand their business in the fast-growing segment of third-platform applications.”

Rapid Market Adoption
Just one year after the release of their flagship RecoverX product, Datos IO has gained the trust of an impressive list of enterprise customers including Ayla Networks, Barracuda Networks, and a growing number of Fortune 500 enterprise customers. This mainstream enterprise adoption is further validation not only of Datos IO’s unique approach but also the magnitude and urgency of the problem these organizations are facing.

“Our customers have entrusted us with their data because we are delivering a solution no one has delivered before and they see the power of our application-centric approach to data management,” said Tarun Thakur, co-founder and CEO of Datos IO. “We are proud of the success we have achieved to date but we’re just getting started. The addition of Cisco Investments and NetApp as investors accelerates our routes to the enterprise market as these organizations are strong advocates for the benefits of hybrid cloud. Their support will help us continue to innovate and lead in cloud data management for years to come.”

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About Datos IO
Datos IO is the application-centric data management company for the multi-cloud world. Datos IO delivers a radically novel approach to data management helping organizations embrace the cloud with confidence by delivering solutions that protect, mobilize, and monetize their data — at scale. Unlike traditional data protection solutions that protect applications either at a VM-level or at a storage LUN-level, Datos IO has reinvented data protection by eliminating any dependencies on VM or LUN constructs — thus, enabling a true application-centric data management approach. This revolutionary application-centric approach provides customers with dramatic backup storage efficiency, provides data management services at a granular level (e.g. rows/tables vs. entire VM or entire database), and enables customers to intelligently move their applications back and forth between public clouds or multi cloud environments. Backed by Cisco Investments, Lightspeed Venture Partners, NetApp and True Ventures, Datos IO is headquartered in San Jose, California. To learn more, please visit http://datos.io/ and follow us on Twitter at @datos_io.

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