By Jane Evans, Sales Director at Backup Everything
October 13, 2017

Cloud Backup Expert Tips: Online Backup and Some of the Most FAQs

1) What is online backup?
Online backup (which is also known as Cloud Backup) is an automated solution that allows you to backup plus recover data online through your computer, laptop, and mobile device or file server etc. The data or file in question is typically stored at a remote and secure server.

2) How much storage do I need for my online backup requirements?
Before signing up for any online backup service, you might want to first evaluate your storage needs. Remember that some services offer unlimited storage at a fee whereas others can offer the same for almost free. The difference between such platforms is that, with the premium one you will enjoy a better platform or interface. About the approximate storage space, you will roughly require twice as much capacity as your total file size.

3) Do I have to install special software to enjoy online backup services?
That entirely depends on the utility provider in question. Some companies will only need your email and a monthly subscription fee before rolling out their services to you. Others still, especially for complex online backup requirements, will prompt you to first download and install a special software for you to enjoy their services. In any case, the download and installation process is often simple enough that anyone with basic computer skills can easily handle.

4) What happens when I accidentally delete my files?
Most if not all online backup service companies keep multiple versions of your files along with the respective ‘last updated’ details. Nonetheless, a few will only have the latest version of the file saved. In case your files get corrupted or if you delete them accidentally, then it should be possible to retrieve the latest version saved from the company’s servers. After all, that is what online backup is all about.

5) Do online backup service providers offer a free-trial subscription?
To stay of ahead of the growing competition, a number of online backup companies in the UK and the international front have begun offering free trials to their prospective customers. As a consumer, you shouldn’t see this as a chance of enjoying free space but as a way of gauging the suitability of the company before deciding whether or not to enroll for a monthly subscription.

6) How secure is the data stored via online backup services?
With a reputable online backup company, you don’t have to worry about the security of your files. The reason is that most of them utilize special encryption codes when transferring the files to and from your machine. Chances of any third-party accessing the data are zero to none.

7) What is the role of the customer support team in an online backup service?
The support staff should be able to help you out whenever you get stuck while using the backup software or service. It is not always that you will find their services seamless or fluid. In case of any hiccups or stutters, the support personnel are there to assist you. It is also imperative to choose a company with a responsive support team, as the last thing you want is spending days wondering how to retrieve a corrupted file!

About Backup Everything
London, UK based and industry leading company, BackupEverything (BE), provides automated cloud backup services for affordable and pre-determined prices. BE is not a location dependent service and its fee structure is the same no matter where in the world you are from. BE provides scalable space, meaning your backup space can be scaled up or down based on your needs. It also provides automated and scheduled backups, file versioning, with data encrypted during transfer and storage. BE does not charge data retrieval fees, it only charges for amount of data stored in its servers.

For a comprehensive and reliable service, it is prudent that the end user chooses services from an independent cloud backup company, like BE to backup their sensitive data. This way, the user will know their actual cost, where the data is being backed up to, and get the best bespoke service according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) executed.

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About the Author: Jane Evans is a Sales Director at BackupEverything, a London, UK based, leading cloud backup company that offers bespoke services to global businesses and consumers.



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