The UK companies joined forces to provide a simple, fast and secure way to achieve GDPR compliance for UK and European companies

LONDON, UK – 6th March 2018 — / — Storage Made Easy™ (SME) together with Memset announced today that the SME Enterprise File Fabric and Memset’s secure Cloud IaaS -powered by OpenStack- join forces to deliver a fully reliable, high security cloud solution, UK based, for the private and public sectors.

The Enterprise File Fabric simplifies data compliance and user collaboration through a single pane of glass that supports over 60 different data sources. It provides best-of-breed technology to discover sensitive data, enforce IT security controls across all content, collaboration for end users, and secure file sharing wherever your data is stored, in any jurisdiction. The Enterprise File Fabric combines file metadata together with access and usage patterns to identify business insights to enhance security and productivity.

The Enterprise File Fabric solution will now be additionally available on Memset’s Cloud IaaS, powered by OpenStack. Memset’s data centres are all within the UK, guaranteeing company data will never leave the UK, making them the ideal solution for any business processing UK/EU data.

Memset’s high-performance object storage service is based on proven, open source technology and takes advantage of multiple layers of security controls maximising its security profile. Their flash caching layer means that regularly accessed files are served and saved at the maximum possible speed, whilst their automated replication systems ensure that the underlying data is available and fault tolerant.

Businesses with UK data can now securely track file sharing with users inside and outside of the company, setup Geographical IP controls to control where data can be accessed from, archive business critical data to multiple UK based data centres, access files in a secure way from Web, Desktops, and Mobile devices, transparently encrypt data at-rest using FIPS certified encryption, and discover and identify PII sensitive information across data sets.

Annalisa O’Rourke, Memset Ltd, COO said: “As a data controller and data processor we understand the significance of changes that many companies have to undertake in order to become GDPR compliant. The journey to GDPR compliance is a journey we have been on for over a year, working internally and closely with customers. Through this journey we set ourselves a target to provide additional products and services that our customers would find beneficial in meeting GDPR requirements. The Enterprise File Fabric from Storage Made Easy hosted on Memset infrastructure is the perfect solution for data handlers. It empowers customers to take control of their data enforcing GDPR compliance. Adopting it alongside Memset Object Storage customers have peace of mind that there data will remain sovereign to the UK.”

Jim Liddle, Storage Made Easy CEO, said: “Although we do business globally we are a UK company and that makes us very aware of GDPR and the effect it is going to have on UK and EU businesses. Customers do not have a lot of choice for a fully UK based Cloud technology stack including application, infrastructure and storage. This solution from Storage Made Easy and Memset, offers companies a complete stack hosted in the UK for companies who want to enforce compliancy on their data sets, but additionally want to leverage the multi-cloud capabilities to enhance company productivity.”

About Memset
Memset Ltd is an award winning Cloud Hosting company, operating multiple data centres all based in the UK. Since their conception in 2002 they have focused on security and compliance.

Memset’s Cloud IaaS has been designed from the ground up to be security-focused and highy available. With extensive use of network segregation and internal security zones alongside stringent hardening requirements and ubiquitous encryption-in-transit, Memset’s Cloud IaaS provides a level of redundancy maximizing availability and quality of service.

Follow us on Twitter @Memset_ltd and visit the website for more information.

About Storage Made Easy (SME)
Storage Made Easy provide a multi-cloud data management and data protection product called the Enterprise File Fabric™ that unifies on-premises and on-cloud company storage assets.

The File Fabric provides cloud like economics across a company’s storage portfolio unlocking the benefits and cost-efficiency of their data assets, whilst providing strict controls and governance for legislative compliance and security concerns such as ransomware attacks. Existing site based storage infrastructures can be transformed into an on-premises private cloud, delivering a storage-as-a-service model to the company. Local storage can be connected to public clouds, expertly managed by the File Fabric as a unified hybrid cloud storage platform.

The File Fabric solution offers a “blanket” that company’s can privately apply to wrap around all their data: on-premises, within a public cloud, or on a third party software vendors’ cloud (SharePoint or Salesforce for example). Customers can use the File Fabric for security, encryption and control with a focus on compliance regimes such as GDPR, HIPPA, FERPA and GBLA.

Customers include one of the world’s largest social media companies, and also one of the largest global retailers, in addition to global Internet Service Providers, Universities and international government and governmental bodies.

The company is backed by one of the largest alternative asset managers and entrepreneurs in the London market insurance industry, who have previously successfully sold their company to a listed peer.

Storage Made Easy is the trading name of Vehera LTD.

Follow Storage Made Easy on Twitter @SMEStorage and visit to learn more.

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