KANATA, ON – May 22, 2018 — /BackupReview.info/ — HubStor, a storage software company that unlocks the power of the cloud for intelligent data management and archiving, today announced the new fully managed HubStor Blob Storage Backup option.

IT leaders use HubStor as a seamless extension of their applications and infrastructure to cloud object storage for agility, protection and long-term retention of data. In these scenarios, HubStor maintains the master copy of business-critical information on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Enterprise customers want to protect their data against multiple scenarios including the possibility of rogue administrators and accidental deletions.

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HubStor’s Blob Storage Backup option enables recovery from malicious or accidental deletions, delivers full-functionality failover in the event of a regional disaster and offers to safeguard data against rogue administrators.

Customers can now achieve the following data protection advantages with HubStor’s Blob Storage Backup enabled:

  • Azure Blob Storage backup copy – The secondary storage account is an exact backup copy such that any accidental or malicious deletion in the primary account will not synchronize to the secondary.
  • Segregation of duties – The secondary storage account has the flexibility to exist in a separate Azure subscription or Azure account.
  • Flexible secondary Azure region selection – The hosting Azure region of the secondary storage account can be any Azure region, including the same Azure region as primary if a customer is not concerned about geo-redundancy and wishes to avoid bandwidth costs.
  • Lowest storage pricing in the cloud – The secondary storage account uses the Archive tier by default. While this means a slower RTO due to the Archive tier’s retrieval SLA, it delivers significantly lower storage costs which better aligns with the long-term storage economics and RTO expectations of HubStor customers.
  • Granular recovery options – Item and folder-level recovery operations are available as part of the fully managed service.
  • Fully operational in a failover – In the case of a complete failover to the backup storage account, HubStor can perform write operations in addition to read access.
  • Deleted items retention – HubStor includes the option to synchronize deletes after a defined delay for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) right-to-be-forgotten requirement.

“Protection against rogue insiders and accidental data deletions are growing concerns among IT leaders today,” said Edwin Yuen, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Companies need to protect their data from malicious and accidental actions, from external and internal sources, against ever-changing threats against their data. HubStor has developed innovative capabilities in this area that significantly increase the depth of their already-impressive portfolio of cloud storage security features.”

Microsoft Azure currently provides geo-redundant storage (GRS) options that are an asynchronous replication for high availability in the scenario that the Azure region hosting the primary storage account were to fail ultimately. However, the replica copy is continually synchronized with the primary, raising the concern that any malicious or accidental deletions occur in both the primary and replica storage accounts.

“Microsoft’s geo-redundant storage options are great features for high availability,” said Greg Campbell, CTO, HubStor. “HubStor’s Blob Storage Backup option delivers data durability options that enable our customers to safeguard against rogue insiders and recover from accidental deletion activity.”

HubStor’s cloud backup is fully managed and provides IT administrators a dashboard view of their backup operations displaying the health and statistics of their secondary storage account(s).

“Organizations expect the highest levels of security and data protection when they subscribe to HubStor to store information in the cloud,” said Geoff Bourgeois, CEO, HubStor. “HubStor’s built-in backup is simple to use and delivers premium levels of data durability for our customers.”

HubStor’s cloud backup option is available now. Existing HubStor clients are eligible to have the service enabled at no charge and pay the Azure costs only.

About HubStor
HubStor is a storage software company that unlocks the power of the cloud for intelligent data management and archiving.

Enterprise organizations use HubStor to manage mission-critical unstructured data workloads in hybrid cloud or cloud-only storage strategies for compliance and IT infrastructure agility.

Unlike storage gateways or backup appliances, HubStor is an easier-to-use and born-in-the-cloud software-only approach to integrating cloud computing and scalable object storage with existing IT infrastructure to solve data management, backup and archiving needs.

A Microsoft Partner and a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, HubStor has a global client base with strong adoption in Financial Services, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, and Engineering Services.

Learn more at https://www.hubstor.net

Media Contact:
Elizabeth Lam
HubStor Inc.

Source: HubStor



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