AUSTIN, TX – August 2, 2018 — / — Veritas Backup Exec 20 delivers powerful, flexible, easy to use data protection for virtual, physical and cloud environments, protecting your organization’s data regardless of where it resides. Whether backing up to the cloud, protecting workloads within the cloud, recovering from the cloud, or connections back to on-premise, Veritas Backup Exec 20 integrates with a broad selection of cloud service providers to seamlessly unify data protection across the hybrid cloud. It protects your mission-critical data to virtually any storage device including tape, disk, and cloud. Recovery is fast and efficient: with a few simple clicks, you can quickly restore granular file or application objects, applications, VMs, and servers directly from backup storage. Integrated global deduplication and powerful cloud storage connectors help you reduce data volumes, storage costs and increase operational efficiency. Backup Exec 20 saves time and money with a single, unified data protection platform that helps ensure your critical information is always protected and recoverable in the event of a disaster or data loss.

Veritas Backup Exec has long been known for being easy to use. Now Backup Exec 20 Subscription is easy to license. Backup Exec Subscription is available in three Editions: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, offering choices for the levels of protection and functionality available to meet your backup requirements.

The new Veritas Backup Exec 20 Subscription licensing allows customers to license this product annually, reducing the amount customers must invest upfront on their Veritas Backup Exec Licenses. During the subscription term, customers can install product updates and receive technical support. Subscription licenses allow the user to always have the most up to date version and receive technical support during the time of the subscription.

With the Bronze, Silver and Gold Editions, customers get unlimited deployment of the included Backup Exec server, options, and agents included in the bundle. Instead of choosing a complicated combination of licenses, customers simply choose the edition best suited for them and license Backup Exec 20 per Front End Terabyte of data that they need to back up. “Front-end terabyte” is defined as the size of the protected uncompressed data (i.e., data that has not been de-duplicated). Customers may purchase licenses for as many Terabytes as they need based on the amount of data that needs to be protected.

Licenses are available starting as low as 1 Terabyte, and tier discounts are available the higher the data volumes purchased. Customers can also allocate their front end Terabytes among multiple servers, which do not have to be centrally managed.

Genesis Technologies Inc. carries Veritas Backup Exec 20 for all customers and offers discounted pricing for non-profit organizations, Government agencies, businesses and educational institutions. Making sure everyone has backup and protection software available at the level needed, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Veritas Backup Exec 20 Bronze Edition Annual Subscription License prices start at $329 per Front End Terabyte for educational institutions, non-profit organizations and Government agencies and $425 per Front End Terabyte for small-medium sized businesses. Veritas Backup Exec Bronze Edition includes Backup Exec 20 Server, Backup Exec 20 Agent for Windows, Backup Exec 20 Agent for VMWare and Hyper-V per Host Server, and Backup Exec 20 Deduplication Option. The Bronze Edition also includes support for 1 physical tape drive, and 1 virtual tape drive.

Veritas Backup Exec 20 Silver Edition Annual Subscription Licenses include everything in the Bronze Edition and adds Backup Exec 20 Agent for Applications and Databases and Backup Exec 20 Agent for Linux Server. The Silver Edition also includes support for 4 physical tape drives, and 1 virtual tape drive. Prices start at $409 per Front End Terabyte for educational institutions, non-profit organizations and Government agencies and $536 per Front End Terabyte for small-medium sized businesses.

Finally, the Veritas Backup Exec 20 Gold Edition includes everything included with the Silver Edition and adds Backup Exec 20 Enterprise Server Option, and Backup Exec 20 NDMP Option. The Gold Edition includes support for an unlimited number of physical and virtual tape drives. Prices start as low as $575 per Front End Terabyte for educational institutions, non-profit organizations and Government agencies and $754 per Front End Terabyte for small-medium sized business.

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