RAMSEY, NJ – February 28, 2019 — /BackupReview.info/ — Comport, a leading BaaS provider recently held a discussion centered on the proliferation of the IoT and the subsequent rise in BaaS needs. The following are a few of the most important reasons BaaS has seen a CAGR of around 27% for the period between 2018 and 2022.

  • Need for anytime access – The need for real time connectivity will increase as the IoT is widely accepted into the commercial space. People will expect complete connectivity with the devices they bring into the office. Companies that are prepared to embrace this trend rather than fight it by utilizing BaaS will be in a better place for compliance and data retention.
  • Easily scalable – Backup in the cloud can be easily scaled to meet the growing level of data coming from additional devices. This would be nearly impossible for a company to achieve through onsite backups.
  • Extreme data growth – 90% of the total amount of data in the world was created over the past two years. Smartphones are at the head of this explosion, but once smart appliances are added to the mix, the number will again expand exponentially. Companies need to take this trend seriously and expand their data protection to these devices with enterprise cloud backup.
  • Compliance need for this data – Particularly in industries such as healthcare, IoT devices can provide valuable information for better patient care. This information however if integrated can be subject to compliance standards. Achieve better care and compliance by integration with a BaaS Provider.
  • The need for Immediate Access: Many companies have been burned by data being housed on an individual person’s device, without a backup, that is then corrupted. Having immediate access to data that is being backed up via enterprise cloud protection ensures that that data will be readily available when you need it.
  • Doesn’t require large investment for upgrades – With data growing rapidly, the rip and replace backup solution many companies have had in the past just isn’t cutting it. Companies can’t afford to wait for the additional hardware to back up their data. Many virtual machines are being over provisioned as it is! BaaS gives you the ability to expand your storage as you need it without significant hardware investments.
  • Higher security – Cyber Threats are increasing and hitting headlines on a daily basis. Companies need to protect their company from significant data loss. With BaaS, you have an air gap between your systems and your last backup, providing you extra protection in the event of a security breach.

“IoT Devices are being used in your organization. The question you need to answer is if you choose to deal with this now or when there is an issue of data retention.” said Eric Young, Principal Cloud Architect at ComportSecure. “Organizations need to start thinking about how they should backup All their data, not just the data housed within the four walls of their buildings. BaaS Providers such as Comport can help you create a strategic data retention plan that includes IoT devices.”

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Source: Comport