BRISBANE, Australia – April 17, 2019 — / — Cryptsoft has again extended the use of standards conformant enterprise key management into the ‘Software Defined Everything’ market with its latest customer, Hedvig Inc.

Hedvig, an innovative supplier of software-defined storage has recognized and acted upon customer demand for software defined solutions that leverage OASIS KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) to provide full lifecycle management of data encryption keys and related certificates. Implementing KMIP enables Hedvig to offer all of their customers and prospects an interoperable, unified security object management solution across all platform types including traditional on-prem, cloud, virtualization, containerization, backup, and archive solutions.

Selecting Cryptsoft’s market leading OEM key management solutions has enabled Hedvig to meet specific customer demand in a very short time-frame while also directly plugging their solution into a large and rapidly growing ecosystem of hardware and software defined infrastructure products that are using KMIP to provide modern, interoperable, and standards based security to the market.

“With more customers demanding full KMIP conformance across a wide range of use cases, selecting Cryptsoft to help us add KMIP capability to the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform was an easy choice given their market knowledge, the ease of integration and the fact that we get immediate validation with the majority of the KMIP Key Management Servers by virtue of the fact that the majority of them are also Cryptsoft customers,” said Avinash Lakshman, CEO & Founder at Hedvig.

“Making infrastructure more flexible through the greater use of cloud and software defined solutions is fantastic for the customer, but does raise the spectre of how to provide commensurate security for the customer’s data assets. KMIP answers this question by providing standards-based solutions that secure the customer’s data assets while supporting the infrastructure flexibility and agility the customers value so highly,” said Tony Cox, VP Partners, Alliances & Standards at Cryptsoft. “It’s always reassuring to work closely with leading companies such as Hedvig who do not shy away from the security challenges their customers face, but instead are pro-active and deal with these challenges head-on by delivering industry standard solutions using Cryptsoft’s KMIP technology. We look forward to working closely with the team at Hedvig.”

About Hedvig
Enterprises are facing a data explosion problem. Internet companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google (FANG) etc have solved this problem at a much larger scale. The key tenet of their design – standardized infrastructure on one logical platform and deliver it as a scale-out system on off the shelf x86/ARM64 hardware.

Hedvig strives to simplify and eliminate mass data fragmentation across primary and secondary environments. We achieve this today by democratizing the infrastructure locked inside FANG organizations while allowing enterprises to run their IT environments with high operational efficiency and cloud-like simplicity. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is the only always-on data fabric that can natively span multiple sites across geographies and public cloud environments. It is truly software-defined, transforming commodity hardware into the most advanced storage solution available today for any hypervisor or container environments. Operational inefficiency, data sovereignty, mass data fragmentation et al are solved by providing complete protocol consolidation on physical platform (iSCSI, NFS, SMB and S3) and having policies at a volume level granularity.

About Cryptsoft
Cryptsoft is a privately held Australian company that operates worldwide in the enterprise key management security market. Cryptsoft’s Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) software development kits (SDKs) are the market’s preferred OEM solutions. Cryptsoft’s solutions have been selected by prominent global companies for interoperable enterprise key management and encryption technology in their storage, security and cloud products. Cryptsoft is an OASIS Foundational Sponsor.

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Lisa Cravens
Lumina Communications for Hedvig

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