Google Cloud Customers Now Have an Enhanced Cloud-Native Solution to Overcome Legacy Backup Challenges

BOSTON, MA – November 12, 2019 — / — HYCU, Inc., a pioneering enterprise software company specializing in data backup, recovery and monitoring for next-generation enterprise clouds, today announced major enhancements to its award-winning backup and recovery SaaS offering for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As one of the industry’s leading cloud-native, software as a service backup and recovery solutions, HYCU now delivers one of the most cost-efficient data backup and cloud target utilization for backup workflows for GCP.

“Since the successful introduction of HYCU Backup as a Service for Google Cloud, we still felt there was a more efficient way of managing and protecting data, leveraging the power of Google Cloud without having to stand up a dedupe appliance or using unnecessary hardware or software infrastructure to support GCP data protection efforts,” said Simon Taylor, CEO at HYCU, Inc. “With no additional hardware or infrastructure required, and delivered as a native service on GCP, we now offer an extremely efficient way to manage, protect and recover data, VMs, apps and services for companies that rely on GCP. We are extremely excited about our latest innovation and this builds on the work our teams have been doing with Google Cloud for the past year and-a-half.”

According to a recent research note, “Data Protection Strategies for Google Cloud Platform with HYCU,” from industry analyst firm ESG, the adoption of Google Cloud Platform by many organizations as their primary cloud partner or as part of a multi-cloud strategy adds a new platform to protect to the enterprise backup equation. With 58% of organizations now reporting using public cloud in the form of infrastructure-as-a-service, a 28% increase since 2017.

“Cloud is not just here to stay, but it is becoming more and more meaningful for organizations as they move mission-critical workloads to the cloud,” said Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst, data protection, ESG. “In particular, as applications, data, and services are increasingly consumed on GCP, backing up and recovering data can be significantly simplified with the “cloud-native” purpose-built HYCU software solution.”

“HYCU has been one of our strategic and fast-growing data protection ecosystem partners over the past year,” said Bader Hamdan, Head of Technology Partnerships, Google Cloud. “It’s been impressive to see their momentum and continued innovation for GCP customers. With these new enhancements, GCP customers will have an attractive GCP native SaaS solution to address their backup and recovery needs.”

The latest enhancements to HYCU Backup as a Service for GCP include the following:

  • Optimized Cloud-native Incremental: With a new and enhanced way of addressing incremental backups and archives for GCP workloads, GCP customers now have one of the most cost-efficient data protection solutions available on the market today.
  • Enhanced Efficiency for Data Transfer and Storage: Aside of being a pure cloud service with no additional backup infrastructure costs for GCP customers, and having dynamic and elastic data mover allocation, HYCU does not require caching storage – resulting in optimal data transfer cost for backup workflows and more efficient use of cloud storage for dramatic cost savings.
  • Dynamic Scaling Optimized for Backup, Storage and Compute: As customers need to scale their infrastructure dynamically, they need their data protection software to accordingly scale as easily and efficiently. With enhancements to dynamic and scale out logic, this results in one of the fastest and the most cost-efficient data transfers for both small and large disks greater than 1TB+. HYCU’s advanced logic automatically adjusts the data transfer parameters (streams and computing resources) to the size of the protected disks. This is far more efficient than legacy solutions that are pre-allocated in-cloud backup infrastructure and leave a static configuration of the data transfer workloads.
  • Enterprise Applications for Mission Critical Workloads: Customers can leverage the same power for applications like SAP HANA protection for GCP.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Annual subscription plans – Customers can now change the Entitlement plan and use annual subscription with token-based pricing plan
  • Enhanced Reporting: With built-in backup reporting added, customers can now schedule reports based on generations versions.

For Nubosoft, a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on the Mexican market and experienced in thousands of Google Cloud implementations, the latest enhancements to HYCU Backup as a Service for GCP could not come at a better time. “We’ve been a long-standing HYCU customer and the ability to handle incremental backups with HYCU’s latest innovation will be extremely useful,” said Santiago Jiménez Abad, CTO and Founder, Nubosoft. “We have always been impressed with HYCU’s efficiency, and we’re looking forward to deploying the latest innovations for our customers so they can continue to be protected the best way possible.”

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Pricing and Availability:
HYCU Backup as a Service for Google Cloud is available on the GCP Marketplace and through authorized Google Cloud Service Provider partners. Subscription and billing are handled through the GCP Marketplace. Pricing is determined by the amount of data being protected and frequency of backup.

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HYCU makes it easy to thrive in a hyper-simple, multi-cloud world. The pioneering enterprise software company specializes in data backup, recovery and monitoring for hyper-converged (HCI), Google Cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures. Headquartered in Boston, Mass., HYCU harnesses 25 years of sophisticated IT experience, insights from over one million users, and work with more than 25,000 customers, more than 10 ISVs and 350 employees to create a deep and unrivaled well of industry expertise. The result is unsurpassed alignment with industry leaders and a formidable competitive advantage in the multi-cloud space. HYCU’s flagship products, a purpose-built backup and recovery solution for Nutanix, and a managed backup as a service for Google Cloud Platform, are acclaimed in the industry and features performance and value that are unmatched.

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