Enhances security and usability for the US public sector’s most sensitive environments

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – December 2, 2019 — /BackupReview.info/ — Over the weekend, Acronis SCS – a trusted American edge data security company dedicated to the US public sector – added an additional backup and disaster recovery solution to its cyber protection software arsenal. Called Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 SCS Hardened Edition, the new offering combines easy, efficient, and reliable usability with modern features to meet the unique operational assurance and security needs of government ‘no internet,’ air gapped environments. These include Department of Defense weapons testing sites, development labs / centers, training simulators, deployed tactical elements and warfighters, public utility supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and more.

“For years,” CEO John Zanni says, “this traditionally underserved market has had to make do with either outdated tools or newer imaging solutions that increase the attack surface of air gapped networks via unnecessary complexity and integration points. Those limitations end today. With our new hardened solution, US public sector organizations managing critical government operations and handling sensitive data can enjoy the features and reliable user experience our long-time customers have come to know and trust, along with significant Department of Defense guided security enhancements designed for these specialized environments. In short, neither old nor modern backup technologies can compare.”

This new hardened solution provides complete asset protection and preserves timely decision-making on the battlefield and beyond by keeping critical systems up-and-running in the face of hardware failure, minimizing recovery times, providing the flexibility to restore standardized and unique images to field devices via a bootable media feature, and ensuring users can build, test, deploy, and protect complex integrated systems from one user-friendly management console.

Acronis SCS Vice President for Engineering and R&D, Neil Proctor, elaborated on the product’s unique build, saying, “unlike other backup and disaster recovery products on the market which rely on connectivity to function, our new software requires zero integration or outbound connections to online services. That means no superfluous access points that expand a network’s attack surface. This product has the exact capabilities needed for air gapped environments – and nothing else.” He continued, “not only does our product align with the security required in these environments, it also streamlines usability – a crucial differentiator for government IT teams balancing limited personnel and resources. IT personnel can now regain the hours wasted wading through false firewall alerts and failed connection notifications, common pitfalls of using a non-specialized backup tool in a highly specialized air gapped environment.”

To ensure this product is a trusted solution across all levels of the US government, it has and continues to undergo rigorous testing as part of in-depth FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, and DoDIN APL certification processes. In fact, the solution meets or exceeds more than 45 Common Criteria-specified and more than 70 DoDIN APL-specified controls.

Once the FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, and DoDIN APL certifications finalize in 2020, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 SCS Hardened Edition will be the only full disk image backup and disaster recovery point solution available on the DoDIN APL – providing users across DoD and beyond peace of mind that their systems and data are protected with the highest security standards.

As part of that security-minded approach, this game-changing solution uses only certified high-grade encryption methods, hardware-based random number generation for maximum entropy, and trusted methods to minimize the risk of data interception during transport inside the network. As with all Acronis SCS backup products, this new version also contains a built-in, AI-based anti-ransomware module, called Active Protection, to keep networks safe. This award-winning technology successfully stopped 400,000 ransomware attacks in 2018 alone and can detect, terminate, and repair damage from thousands of variants.

Performing repetitive yet crucial tasks on sensitive systems – like full disk image and file-level backup – is a daily reality for technical personnel operating in air gapped environments across all levels of the US government. Security is paramount, considering backup solutions must touch everything in a network, from endpoints and storage to file shares and servers. With that in mind, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 SCS Hardened Edition provides the exact capabilities government personnel need to easily and securely perform these tasks on both legacy and modern systems – all at an affordable price point. To learn more about this new solution’s capabilities and unique features, contact Acronis SCS today.

About Acronis SCS
Acronis SCS is an American cyber protection and edge data security company dedicated to delivering products designed to meet the unique requirements of the US public sector. The company’s innovative backup, anti-ransomware, disaster recovery, and enterprise file sync and share products ensure data security across federal, state, and local government, education, and non-profit organizations. Acronis SCS products are built and supported in the United States by US citizens and validated by third-party agencies.

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