The Archiware P5 web administration interface benefits from a more modern look and feel

The new version is a comprehensive technological revision, which optimizes data security, user control and integration

Munich, Germany – January 28, 2020 — / — Archiware GmbH, expert in data management software, releases the latest version 6.0 of its P5 Software Suite. The modernized P5 user-interface design showcases advanced features, an expanded licensing model for disk and cloud storage, and a new add-on to the P5 Archive module.

P5 Companion App: Data Archive Directly from the Workstation
Available for all P5 Archive customers, this new desktop application for Windows, macOS and Linux, allows drag-and-drop archiving from the workstation desktop. Stub files can be created when archiving for ease of restore, without the need to use the P5 web interface.

Doubling of Disk and Cloud Storage Limits
The updated P5 Media Management License (MMSL) expands disk and cloud storage allowances from 4TB to 8TB.

HTTPS for a Secure Browser GUI
The web admin interface can now use either http or https for added security. Remote administration of P5 via a public network can now be secured through the use of SSL certificates.

New API Based on REST
In addition to the command-line interface, already in use by many integration partners, P5 version 6.0 now includes a full REST-based web services API, over https.

P5 Desktop LTO Edition: Introduction as Regular Bundle
Previously named P5 Desktop Edition, this entry-level bundle is now a permanent P5 license. It allows backup and archive from a single computer, to a single LTO tape drive. LTFS import/export functionality is included.

Group Administration: Access Grants to Specific P5 Client Paths for Archive and Restore
New ‘Groups’ allow the configuration of paths on different P5 client machines – locations from which data will be archived or restored. This first allows P5 to identify the location of data archived from workstations using the new P5 Companion App. It is also used to grant access to restore locations. P5 Users are added to these groups to allow them to archive.

Greater Flexibility in Configuration of Disk and Cloud Storage
The calculation of the required MMSL for disk and/or cloud storage is now based on actual occupied storage units, rather than the total possible storage size. This offers more flexibility in configuring disk and cloud storage.

Advanced Cloud Storage and Cloud Object Storage Class Support
P5 version 6.0 extends support for Google Cloud object storage and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. Google Cloud object storage includes selectable storage classes to accommodate a variety of use cases. Previously available using the ‘Generic S3′ storage type, access to Wasabi storage is now built-in to P5. Manual configuration of the Wasabi end-point DNS names is no longer needed.

New supported cloud object storage classes from different object storage service providers now include:
- Amazon S3: S3 Standard, S3 Intelligent-Tiering, S3 Standard-IA, and S3 One Zone-IA
- Amazon Glacier: Standard, Deep Archive
- Google: Standard, Nearline, Coldline
- Microsoft Azure: Standard Hot, Cool

New Platform: Archiware P5 for Amazon Web Services (AMI)
The new P5 version uses Linux and Amazon Web Services (AMI) from the Amazon Marketplace. This solution enables companies to move, manage and archive data in AWS. This offers archiving, browsing, searching, and restore from multiple locations to a centralized Archive on AWS3 or Glacier.

Re-introduction of P5 server on FreeBSD
In previous versions, Archiware P5 restricted FreeBSD to P5 client installations. With version 6, full support is reintroduced. This allows deployment options for P5, in which FreeBSD is used with ZFS as a storage appliance.

Archiware P5 version 6.0 is now available as an upgrade or 30-day free trial on

About Archiware GmbH
Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Archiware GmbH is a privately held company with over 20 years of experience in data management software for backup, synchronization and archiving. Archiware’s software is primarily aimed at the SMB and Media & Entertainment industry.

The product line includes:
- P5 Synchronize – Replicate data to ensure high availability
- P5 Backup – Back up server data to disk, tape and cloud
- P5 Backup2Go – Back up desktop and laptop data to disk
- P5 Archive – Move or migrate data offline to disk, tape and cloud
- Pure – Essential VMware Backup

For more information, visit

Lana Tannir, Marketing Manager
Archiware GmbH
P: +49 89 319 084 98

Archiware GmbH
Sonnenstr. 27
80331 Munich

Source: Archiware GmbH




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