Appranix, a leader in Cloud Resilience, now offers one-click cyber recovery for hyperscale cloud applications

BOSTON, MA – June 6, 2023 — / / — Appranix’s innovative cyber rebuild capabilities minimize risk and drastically shortens recovery time. This allows users to safeguard their application services, data, cloud resources, and dependencies within a single cloud account, and to swiftly restore cloud environments and services across different accounts either within the same tenant or a different one – all with a simple one-click process. This capability is especially crucial when facing ransomware attacks, as it enables users to bounce back swiftly after their cloud application environments have been compromised. This isn’t just recovery; it’s resilience redefined.

The patented solution offered by Appranix empowers hyperscale cloud customers to protect with a simple click and share their entire distributed and dynamic cloud application environments seamlessly, without the need for complex workflows. Appranix Dual-vault Cloud Time Machine safeguards application data, resources, cloud services, and dependencies based on the organization’s ever decreasing Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Users can now protect these critical resources and application data by incrementally copying them immutably to another air-gapped cloud account. Appranix accomplishes this through a simple two-step process that takes less than two minutes. In the event of a ransomware attack compromising an entire cloud account’s resources and data, users can effortlessly initiate a clean room rebuild from the Appranix SaaS platform. This rebuild recreates all cloud services, resources, and application data in a different account hosted within a different tenant with a single click.

Appranix’s partners can now offer one-click cross-tenant rebuild capabilities to their cloud-native customers. Leveraging on-demand hyperscale cloud infrastructure, partners can rapidly restore lost customer cloud account applications, cloud services, and application data without the need to use separate backup, replication or DR products and hire, train, and manage a team of cloud architects and engineers, and risk business critical systems recoveries after a cyber catastrophe. Appranix elevates the cyber recovery game to the application-centric level, allowing complex cloud applications to be recovered with just one-click from the immutable Dual-vault Cloud Time Machine using Recovery-as-Code (RaC) eliminating the need for human intervention.

“We, at UmbrellaInfocare, are committed to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers. Appranix’s one-click cross-tenant cloud application rebuild capabilities are a game-changer for us, enabling us to build and deliver unique cloud resilience solutions,” said Mr. Nishant Sharma, CTO, Umbrella Infocare. “Appranix’s platform provides a unique cyber recovery solution that not only backs up application data and manages replication to another cloud account managed by us but dedicated to enterprise cloud customers across tenants to have an air-gapped immutable data as well as cloud infrastructure data that secures cloud infrastructure, dependencies, and resources. This empowers us to rebuild distributed and dynamic cloud applications in any region in any account, at any point in time, delivering unprecedented resilience for our customers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with UmbrellaInfocare, helping them deliver innovative cloud resilience solutions to their multicloud customers,” said Mr. Govind Rangasamy, CEO of Appranix. “Our latest one-click cross-tenant recovery capabilities are designed to provide unique cloud resilience solutions so organizations are confident about their cyber recoveries as it is the last defense against ransomware and other cyber attacks. We are confident that our platform will enable UmbrellaInfocare to deliver best-in-class cloud resilience solutions to their customers.”

Appranix’s platform is trusted by organizations worldwide for its pioneering cloud resilience model for an order of magnitude better RPO and RTO than what was possible before. With the introduction of entire environment one-click cross-tenant cyber recovery capabilities, cloud services partner organizations can now build and deliver unique cloud resilience solutions for their multicloud customers, ensuring the continuous protection of their critical applications and data for business continuity.

About Appranix:
Appranix, a leader in cloud application resilience, with its turnkey SaaS solution, offers a unique opportunity for partners to add hyperscale cyber recovery to their offerings without any upfront investment or operational costs. The company is committed to revolutionizing cloud application resilience by offering solutions that were previously unattainable for businesses operating on hybrid multi-cloud platforms. Appranix’s mission is to provide a cloud resilience standard ten times better than the current offerings.

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