Maui, HI – September 18th, 2023 — / / — Industry leaders SpiderOak and RTX’s Raytheon BBN division will debut the D4-Secure™ cloud solution, which integrates Raytheon BBN’s on-orbit network resource and network function management and orchestration solution with SpiderOak’s OrbitSecure space cyber-resilience capability at the prestigious Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS), in Demo Room “4326”, taking place September 19-22, 2023.

Earlier this year, SpiderOak and Raytheon BBN began collaborating to develop a new generation of zero-trust security systems for satellite communications in proliferated low-Earth orbit (pLEO). Just four months later, the trailblazing D4-Secure™ cloud solution will be demonstrated to the attendees at the AMOS Conference this week. For details on how to attend the demonstration, please reach out to SpiderOak Sr. VP of Space John Moberly at or SpiderOak VP of Solutions Matt Erickson at, both on-site at AMOS.

Redefining Space Networking
Recent developments in space networking resonate with the U.S. government’s push for intuitive and reliable networking solutions. This journey, while navigating the complexities of interoperability in diverse pLEO networking architectures and the pressing need to dovetail with multi-domain networks for CJADC2 missions, presents significant challenges.

To address these challenges, the combined expertise of Raytheon BBN and SpiderOak teams created D4-Secure™. Anchored in the Software Defined Networking (SDN) framework and the Network Function Virtualization paradigm, D4-Secure™ heralds pioneering applications in pLEO, crafting a robust, resilient, and secure solution for government and commercial users.

Expanding Tactical Horizons
D4-Secure’s™ capabilities extend beyond the confines of the space domain. Engineered with versatility, it effortlessly bridges a spectrum of tactical domains: from air and land to maritime and subaquatic. The adaptable nature of D4-Secure™, rooted in open commercial standards, ensures seamless amalgamation with existing multi-domain structures, offering innovative flexibility and security to meet specific customer demands.

Uncompromised Security
D4-Secure™ leverages OrbitSecure’s decentralized software blueprint for maintaining authority in the network, placing an emphasis on the security of Command and Control (C2) systems and communications. Recognizing the frailty of the link segment binding disparate systems, a security architecture devoid of centralized nodes or data repositories promises not only the stalwartness of multi-domain C2 and data conduits but also safeguards these systems from looming cyber threats.

Additionally, D4-Secure™ emerges as a fortress for trust negotiations between nodes, guaranteeing the sanctity of access control management from end to end.

Join Us at AMOS
We invite you to experience the future of space networking at the AMOS Conference.

To learn more about attending our demonstration, stop by the SpiderOak table in the Aulani Foyer, check us out in demo room “4326”, or contact SpiderOak Sr. VP of Space John Moberly at or SpiderOak VP of Solutions Matt Erickson at

About SpiderOak
SpiderOak is a 100% U.S.-owned and operated software company that delivers end-to-end cybersecurity and resiliency solutions for civil, military, and commercial space operations. Our commercially available products are built upon a foundation of zero-trust encryption and distributed ledger, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your most sensitive data in the space domain. For more information about SpiderOak products, services or business development opportunities, check us out at

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