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  • SaaS data protection is quickly becoming the biggest challenge of our time.
  • Today, there are more than 23,000 SaaS applications in use across companies globally, and 217 SaaS applications in use at the average mid-size company
  • Research shows that SaaS data is the leading cause of ransomware attacks, and more than 52% of successful ransomware attacks are executed through SaaS apps.
  • By 2031, a ransomware attack will occur every two seconds, up from 11 seconds today.
  • The need to protect SaaS data has never been more urgent.
  • HYCU is the first data protection provider to create the ability to automatically discover and visualize an organization’s entire data estate through R-Graph. In close collaboration with Okta, leveraging its APIs and application integrations, HYCU allows companies to now determine what applications, including SaaS, are left protected and unprotected.


  • At Oktane ’23, HYCU execs attending will share more on how using Okta with HYCU will allow IT and security admins to automatically discover data sources, especially all Software as a Service (SaaS) applications in use, across an entire organization’s data estate.
  • This visualization through R-Graph, helps set a critical benchmark to detect and identify a company’s risk profile for data and configuration loss with all data sources, including SaaS.
  • To get an R-Graph subscription, for free, information is available here.


  • HYCU Founder and CEO Simon Taylor wrote the Amazon best-selling book, “Averting the SaaS Data Apocalypse,” to provide companies insights and ways to better protect what is becoming one of IT’s most unprotected resources, SaaS data. A free, signed copy is available here or directly from Amazon here.
  • Along with Okta, HYCU has teamed up to help joint customers redefine and more effectively approach data security, management, and integrated data protection. To safeguard critical Okta data with secure, automated backups and reliable, instant restore, check out HYCU for Okta.


  • HYCU Booth, October 4-5, 9:00 a.m. PT – 5:00 pm PT, Okta Ventures Pavilion, Moscone West
  • Executive Session, “Achieve Defense in Depth with a Multi-layered Security Strategy,” October 5 at 2:00 p.m. PT, Moscone West, Breakout Room 3, Floor 2. HYCU SVP Product Subbiah Sundaram will moderate an executive panel discussion alongside Ganesh Janakiraman, Head of Platform for Broadcom Software, and Kevin Powers, Founder, Director and Professor of Cybersecurity, Data Privacy & National Security Graduate Programs at Boston College.

About HYCU
HYCU is the fastest-growing leader in the multi-cloud and SaaS data protection as a service industry. By bringing true SaaS-based data backup and recovery to on-premises, cloud-native and SaaS environments, the company provides unparalleled data protection, migration, disaster recovery, and ransomware protection to thousands of companies worldwide. As an award-winning and recognized visionary in the industry, HYCU solutions eliminate complexity, risk, and the high cost of legacy-based solutions, providing data protection simplicity to make the world safer. With an industry leading NPS score of 91, customers experience frictionless, cost-effective data protection, anywhere, everywhere. HYCU has raised $140M in VC funding to date and is based in Boston, Mass. Learn more at

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