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BOSTON, MA – 7 December 2023 — / / — Jigsaw24 Media, a leading UK media systems integrator and EditShare® partner, has developed two online training courses to help users and system administrators get the best out of the technology. The EditShare 101 courses have been developed and are delivered by David Bourke, who has worked at EditShare and brings in-depth knowledge and a unique perspective to the program.

The courses give a quick start to users of EFS storage and FLOW asset management. The sessions for users and admins each run for three hours and are timed to make it practical for delegates in any time zone around the world to join.

“EditShare is a very powerful platform, and it is designed to be intuitive to use and to manage,” said David Skeggs, Technical & Operations Director at Jigsaw24 Media. “But with any new system there is a natural learning curve. What we are doing is taking delegates through that curve, helping them understand the underlying principles so that they will be able to run with all the functionality, tools and tricks that EditShare brings to post.”

Said Bacho, Chief Revenue Officer at EditShare commented “David has worked as an engineer at EditShare, so he knows what is going on under the hood. This program is designed as a general introduction and understanding to get users and admins up and running with confidence.

“We know that systems sales around the world often involve application-specific training,” Bacho continued. “Think of this as the starter kit, to get users into the EditShare way of thinking so they can quickly develop their own processes, workflows and structures.”

The first courses offered by Jigsaw will be run in January 2024. For more information see

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About EditShare
EditShare is an Emmy award-winning technology leader supporting storytellers through collaborative media workflows across on-premise, cloud and hybrid architectures. The market-leading open software solutions and robust APIs improve workflow collaboration, third-party integrations and content sharing across the entire production chain. Designed specifically for media applications, the high performance line-up provides shared storage, archiving and backup, and intelligent media asset management.

Through a merger with Shift Media, EditShare also now integrates tools for content review and distribution, the creation of customized, branded pitch reels, and secure preview of high-value pre-release content.

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