Industry-Leading Storage Providers Partner to Address Need for High Performance, Scalable Storage Solutions

CHICAGO and PITTSBURGH, Apr. 7, 2014 — / — Cleversafe, Inc., the industry leading object-based storage provider, and Avere Systems, a leading provider of enterprise storage for cloud enabled data centers, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership, enabling the delivery of data storage solutions with scalable performance. The combined solution is designed to accelerate access to data and applications in cloud environments for enterprise customers in industries ranging from oil and gas to media and entertainment.

The volume, variety and velocity of information that exists today is creating challenges that traditional storage solutions are not designed to handle effectively. Many organizations are turning to cloud environments to address these challenges, seeking to lower costs, simplify management and reduce data center footprints. Cleversafe and Avere Systems are working together to enhance the performance and scalability of cloud environments, providing a cost effective solution to big data storage challenges.

To accelerate access to data and applications while delivering expansive scalability in a private cloud environment, Cleversafe and Avere Systems partnered to integrate the Cleversafe object-based storage solution and Avere Cloud NAS technology. By combining Avere FlashCloudTM on FXT Series Edge filers with Cleversafe’s Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet®) technology, companies can address the need for accelerated NAS operations performance while efficiently scaling to handle explosive data growth.

The combined Cleversafe and Avere solution significantly improves total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to buy additional storage infrastructure to support data growth. Cleversafe uses a patented, geographically dispersed erasure coding that removes the need for data replication, reducing costs by 65 percent compared to traditional storage solutions. This approach is also inherently more secure as data is housed as virtualized and encrypted “slices” that are spread across devices and storage nodes.

“At Avere, we know that the future of data storage is the cloud and Cleversafe is a partner that can help us take advantage of the opportunity it presents,” said Ron Bianchini, president and CEO of Avere Systems. “With our joint solution, customers making the move to the private cloud now have a familiar NAS interface that requires no changes to their existing applications, as well as an architecture that will scale in both performance and capacity.”

“We are dedicated to helping our customers build a storage infrastructure that works across all of their storage needs,” said John Morris, CEO of Cleversafe. “The combined Cleversafe and Avere Systems solution allows us to provide our customers with a cost effective and highly reliable, scalable enterprise storage system for Web-scale data demands with greater performance and faster access to their data and applications.”

Avere Systems, Cleversafe Achieve Industry Benchmark
Avere demonstrates scalable NFS performance on Cleversafe’s object storage technology, using SPECsfs2008, the storage industry’s most popular NAS benchmark. A three-node FXT 3800 cluster achieved 180,394 ops/sec throughput and minimal latency of 0.89ms overall response time (ORT) with a Cleversafe system that was configured for more than five nines of availability and could be deployed across three geographically dispersed sites.

Find Avere’s latest SPECsfs2008 NFS testing results on the SPEC website at:

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