MetaVis Technologies, a leader in information management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint and Cloud platforms, announced expanded functionality for OneDrive for Business.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – April 23, 2014 — / — MetaVis Technologies, a leader in information management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint and Cloud platforms, announced expanded functionality for OneDrive for Business. The MetaVis OneDrive Management Suite allows customers to effectively administer, backup, secure and understand key analytics pertaining to the OneDrive for Business environments. Customer can also easily bulk migrate content stored in SharePoint, enterprise Google Drive or other popular cloud file sync and share accounts such as Box and Dropbox to OneDrive for Business. Attend our Webinar, OneDrive management made easy for a quick overview.

“As an administrator it is crucial to know how your employees are using their OneDrive for Business accounts. This helps you better understand adoption and enables you to put strategies in place to increase proper usage,” said Peter Senescu, co-founder & President of MetaVis Technologies. “You don’t just want employees to use their OneDrive accounts, you want the right content stored in them as well. Knowing who is using their account to store music or personal photos over who is using it to store actual business is an important insight. Other very essential questions organizations should be asking are, who is sharing what with whom, how much do they share, and based on the findings, which forum is the best for collaboration on this particular piece of content? These are just a few of the insights customers can gain by using the MetaVis OneDrive Management Suite.”

OneDrive Management Suite highlights include:

  • OneDrive Administration – Automated reports within the MetaVis Administrator component provide valuable insights into OneDrive trends such as site activity, user activity and data growth.
  • OneDrive Backup – Protect your content from accidental deletion or service interruption with MetaVis Backup. MetaVis will back up your OneDrive content on a scheduled basis to provide instant access to restore that content. Keep the backup locally or store it with a cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3.
  • Migrate to OneDrive – MetaVis OneDrive Management Suite enables administrators to mass migrate content to OneDrive seamlessly on behalf of users.
  • Analyze OneDrive Permissions – Analyze OneDrive permissions to identify potential security issues.
  • Retain File Attributes – Retain file versions and authorship properties.

For more information:

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  • MetaVis’ blog post: “OneDrive Management: Key Content Considerations”
  • Download a free trial of MetaVis OneDrive Management Suite:
  • Attend our Webinar, OneDrive management made easy for a quick overview

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