Data migration with FarStone DriveClone disk cloning software will increase your hard disk and SSD life expectancy and performances by up to 20%

IRVINE, CA – May 12, 2014 — / — As the price of SSDs continues to decline, it triggers more people to migrate their computers to SSDs. With DriveClone, the SSD disk migration process is easy, automatic, optimal and space saving.

“DriveClone’s Smart Disk Cloning and Perfect Defrag features will increase SSD and hard disk performance and extend their life span,” said Peter Lin, Product Manager of FarStone.

Below are the main two reasons to use DriveClone as your migration software:

Perfect Defragmentation
DriveClone performs its defragmentation on-the-fly during the data migration, which allows the new drive to be compacted and function as efficiently as possible. Data from memory are transferred to the new storage system during the data migration, essentially not transferring any fragmentations from the old drives to the new drives.

For hard disk drive, the newly compacted drive reduces fragmentation, decrease read/write overheads, and ultimately increase the drive’s performance and life span. For Solid State Drive, the fragmentation is performed prior to data migration, thus the defragmentation process will not negatively impact SSD’s life span but will increase its performances.

Smart Cloning
DriveClone excludes unnecessary files from cloning, such as Windows and browser temp files, hard link files, and swapping files; on average, it saves between 10GB-70GB drive space and cloning time. Smart cloning is especially important for SSD migration where disk space is essential.

Other key features of DriveClone:

  •   Allows user to keep working during migration process
  •   Cloned disk is immediately bootable
  •   Volume and sector-by-sector cloning
  •   Universal cloning
  •   Mirror Drive
  •   Defrag Cloning
  •   Incremental Cloning

TotalRecovery USB
FarStone disk cloning and migration process can also be run in pre-OS (FarStone Recovery Manager) with Total Recovery Tools USB. No installation is required; it is a handy tool-set for business and cases where booting into Windows is unavailable.

About SSD (Solid State Drive)
A solid-state drive (SSD) is a data storage device using memory (such as NAND flash memory) to store data persistently. SSDs have no moving mechanical components and run much faster than hard disks. Intel, Samsung, SanDisk and Kingston are the major SSD vendors. DriveClone has been well-tested with their SSD products.

About FarStone Technology, Inc.
FarStone Technology, Inc. is a pioneer in data and PC system backup software company. Founded in 1993, FarStone Technology provides easy-to-use and reliable PC and server backup, hard disk migration and data recovery software.

Media Contact:
Peter Lin
Product Manager

Source: FarStone