Singapore – Sept 10th 2014 — / — The Dropmymobile app has been designed, developed and now launched with the sole purpose of safeguarding users’ mobile data. This app is a one-stop solution to effortlessly backup and protect the users’ data.

“People are ever more reliant on their mobile phones to work and play. They are keeping tons of sensitive personal and business data on their mobile phones. We believe people need a way to back up, safeguard and restore this data,” says Charif El Ansari, CEO of Dropmysite.

A top concern this app addresses is data security, highlighted by the recent iCloudhigh-profile mobile data hacking incident. This incident significantly calls into question the security and privacy of everyone’s mobile data.

To address this key concern, Dropmymobile introduces, “Paranoid mode”, a big boost to users’ security and privacy. This app helps keep hackers, administrators, and nosy significant others at bay. When activated, the back ups will be protected with a Secret Key that is unknown and inaccessible to ANYONE except the user. Dropmymobile does NOT save this Secret Key anywhere in their system or servers, making this app a private virtual safe box for everything confidential on the mobile.

Dropmymobile users will be able to backup the following:

  • Contacts
  • SMS text messages
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Call logs

The increasing dependence on mobile devices and the data within creates a greater need to ensure seamless continuity between phones – no matter what happens. After using the Dropmymobile app to back up the mobile device, users can restore the data to their new phone with just one click.

The app also offers users the flexibility on back up choices. Dropmymobile users can choose what to back up from as many as 5 devices with just one Dropmymobile account.

Adding on to flexibility of the app, with de-duplication of data, users would not waste additional storage for the same files.

“With Android mobile shipments and market share at all time high, we launched Dropmymobile for Android and we are excited about the huge global market opportunity”, says Ron Hart, Dropmysite’s CTO.

The Dropmymobile app comes with 5GB of free data storage and users can do in-app upgrade to add more storage:

  • 10GB (plus 5GB free) $15 USD per year
  • 20GB (plus 5GB free) $30 USD per year
  • 50GB (plus 5GB free) $60 USD per year
  • Unlimited $120 USD per year

The first 10,000 downloads will get 10GB for 10 months free.

Download Dropmymobile on the Google Play store or at and enter PROMO CODE: DMM1010 to start securing your mobile phone today.

Here’s a video that explains how Dropmymobile works:

Additional Information:
Dropmysite is an industry leader in backing up Cloud backup, archiving and security for websites, databases, emails and now mobile devices.

Dropmysite has been featured on CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch and more. In 2013, the company was selected as one of Singapore’s hottest startups. Today, the combined websites of Dropmysite / Dropmyemail has almost 1 million signups from around the globe, with offices in USA, India, Japan and Singapore.

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m: +65 9003 5608

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