By Rob Morrison, Director of Marketing at Bacula Systems
June 10, 2016

Bacula Systems Cloud Backup Expert Tips: Choosing the Right Cloud Backup for your Business

If your organisation is seeking to employ cloud services, such as cloud backup, here is a snapshot of several steps that will probably be useful to you to have taking place before the deal is finalized.

The first step would be to talk to consultants representing cloud-computing, cloud backup and online storage firms in order to understand the various aspects of their services and gain confidence that the service is offering you what you are looking for. The consultants will usually ask you to describe your organisational needs and how you think the cloud will help you achieve your goal. They will help you identify additional opportunities within the organisation, where they think their service can add value. Based on your response, the consultants will suggest modifications, limitations or additional opportunities to be considered. They will also help you come up with an initial goal and get you started on a preliminary road-map to achieve your vision.

The next step will be a more detailed analysis of the company’s needs and the gap that can be filled with cloud backup services for your data. This will involve critically evaluating the functions of the organisation and its various departments and a comprehensive analysis of the computational needs of your organisation. The consultants will expansively evaluate, analyse and prioritise the workload and offer solutions from their repertoire of services, which might include cloud backup, cloud computing, SaaS, and many other solutions. In the case where the organisation is already employing cloud services, they will also examine existing functions. They will then update the initial road-map to create a more detailed one, accommodating your workflows.

The next logical step is outlining a strategy for deployment of the cloud services. This includes the kind of platform your company seeks to use (such as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS), the level of security you seek, the levels of the access you want to grant and the service delivery approach. They will also define the ways the cloud will enable the IT decision-making process and the architectural requirements.

Additionally, they will discuss the total cost of ownership, return on investment as well as business value the cloud will add to your company. They will also provide a detailed analysis of the governance and organisational impact of the cloud. In addition, the cloud service provider will supply your company with details of the cloud solution it has crafted, customised to the specific needs of your company.

Finally, make sure you get the freedom to decide the management framework for the operations within the service and have them set it up for you! They will also discuss the support they will provide you with details of data security, space, data redundancy and data encryption strategies they plan to employ. They will also grant you with details of support they plan to provide during the transition phase and operational maintenance when the system is fully set up.

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