This press release is issued to publicize that the MailBakup brings solutions for creating a backup for all email services. One can backup emails account to hard drive without any complications with help of provided tools.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – September 20, 2016 — / — This handout is taken by our software developers to bring in the notice about an update made in MailBakup. The updated solutions render facility to create a backup of all major email services. Moreover, it is one of the most prominent name in the Email backup industry with solutions to backup email.

The best practice to save emails and other crucial data from any kind of email client is to BACKUP IT! Gmail, Yahoo, Google Apps, Hotmail like popular email clients save lots of user data overtimes and if any data disaster situation occurs, then entire data will go for a toss. To avoid such catastrophic error, users are always advised to backup their email data. MailBakup brings in some of the most reliable Email Backup Tools to debug this error.

Email Backup is a wisest decision to survive in business downtime situation. Therefore, MailBakup renders solutions for commonly used e-mail clients in order to safeguard the essential data, which is saved on cloud storage. It facilitates such software applications that are homegrown and built-in by skillful and technical developers who are having a vast knowledge about all these technologies. At the time of discovering the software, they focus on all kind of users i.e., educational, professional, commercial, and users belonging to non-profit sectors. Therefore, they come up with a simplified technology to download data from cloud to local machine.

MailBakup updated email backup solutions for all major email services guarantees a triumphant result without any hassle. Hence, the software meets the need of users in all aspects, especially in easy-to-operate software graphical user interface. The data integrity is maintained throughout the procedure. While performing downloading of data from the cloud, not even a single bit is modified during the procedure. Mailbakup is graded amongst topmost providers of backup products and is a trustworthy brand in respect to quality and services of products.

Highlighted Backup Solutions Provided By MailBakup
• Gmail Backup : Commercial or other kind of users can create a file on the local machine, which includes entire data of Gmail user account. The data involves all items i.e., emails, contacts, calendars, and other items of Gmail account.

• Yahoo Backup : MailBakup renders a solution for educational users to create backup of all Yahoo emails. End users can create a backup file of any file format and hence, secure their cloud data.

• AOL Mail Backup : It permit users to create backup of AOL mail folders. This mail folder could be any like Inbox, sent items, trash, & all other folders of AOL mail.

• Office 365 Backup : Professional or non-professional users can easily create Office 365 backup file from their account. It is a lightweight solution to generate backup of Office 365 account.

• Hotmail Backup : Windows Live Mail users can download email folders from their or Hotmail account to local machine. This tool provides users an ultimate solution to generate backup of their Hotmail account.

• Google Apps Backup : MailBakup makes it possible to store Google Apps data on local machine. It is going to be a very useful solution for non-profit sectors because the product covers all useful features, which are to be used while creating backup file.

Unique Features of Our Products
Data Backup acts as an Unsung hero during data disaster recovery. We offer clients multifaceted utilities, which involves many useful features in it. Moreover, some of the features are unique that makes our product different from other:

• Deletion Data From Server After Downloading: Backup tools are designed in such a manner that they provide an option to automatically delete data from the server after downloading it on the local machine.

• Pause and Resume Option While Processing: In a case of any network issue or interruption during the process, this option plays a very major role in dealing with such situation. With help of these two options, backup procedure does not get affected due to any network issue.

The following statement was given by Joseph Caim, Head of Support Department:
MailBakup provide a solution to the latest need of today’s generation i.e., Backup products. These products create backup file in any commonly used file formats and stores them on local machine. We offer solution to backup Gmail account to hard drive without any data loss and within just few clicks. The software is developed in such a way that clients need not perform any manual tricks to delete data from the server after downloading, if they use delete after option of our products. Our technical support team and sales support services are available 24*7 all-round the year to meet the demands and queries of clients.

Our backup products covers all the major email services. Data of email applications like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Office 365, Google Apps, and Hotmail, are downloaded from the server and saved on local machine. One can backup yahoo email to hard drive in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, the tools are designed in a simplified way so that a novice user can also access the software. No guidance will be required from any technical expert for accessing products, which are available on MailBakup”.  This quote was given by Evans Swans, Director of Product Development

MailBakup provides one of the best solutions to create backup of cloud storage data. There are two versions available for each product i.e., free version and licensed version. Therefore, one can first take a trial of product with free edition and purchase it for accomplishing their further tasks.

About SysTools:
SysTools is a leading organization in the domain of email backup. Our products are available for all business as well as personal users who are using web-based email services.

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