New program includes best practices for detecting an organization’s vulnerability and cloud-based solutions to mitigate their exposure

LOS ANGELES, CA – Nov 17, 2016 — / — Infrascale, a leading provider of cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, today announced the launch of the Ransomware Antidote Program designed to help its partners educate their clients and quickly restore infected systems to minimize downtime.

Over 40% of businesses experienced a ransomware attack in the last year. Of these victims, more than a third lost revenue and 20% had to stop business completely. In fact, many of the criminal organizations behind these attacks are using exploit kits that spread across a network looking for vulnerabilities to infect critical databases, applications and network backups — knowing they can extract even higher ransoms by encrypting these mission-critical systems.

“Unfortunately, the cost of downtime far outweighs the actual ransom,” said Chris Sterbenc, Channel Chief at Infrascale. “That’s why partners need to be equipped with the knowledge to educate their clients about the pervasiveness of the threat and the characteristics that make one company more vulnerable than the next. Just as important, they must also be equipped with the right technology to detect, combat and mitigate against ransomware to quickly restore encrypted data and systems.”

The Ransomware Antidote Program is designed to educate and help our partners take action with:

  • Education. Partners must be able to assess the vulnerability of their clients, but most do not have access to the needed tools or the requisite curriculumTo this end, Infrascale has developed a number of educational tools ( e.g., Are you a Soft Target for Ransomware? online quiz — ), eBooks, presentations, and helpful and practical guidance. Infrascale is also teaming with best-of-breed solution providers to offer user security training (e.g., how to spot phishing attacks) and commercial grade anti-virus protection.
  • Action. If a partner identifies a client as vulnerable and at risk, then Infrascale offers a number of affordable cloud-based solutions to detect ransomware and quickly restore operations in the wake of an attack, including:
    • Anomaly Detection: Infrascale is the only solution on the market that offers Anomaly Detection to proactively notify partners and their clients when the number of new or changed file count surpasses a user-defined benchmark. These early warnings can limit the amount the damage inflicted by ransomware while also pinpointing the time of infection.
    • Infrascale Disaster Recovery: DRaaS enables our partners to immediately recover files, applications, databases or full systems in minutes by booting up virtual machines or images from a local appliance or a public/private cloud.
    • Infrascale Cloud Backup: Since 99% of ransomware attacks start with an email message, often enabled via phishing, endpoint protection is vital to protecting an organization’s network. Infrascale Cloud Backup protects laptops, desktop, and mobile devices and stores an unlimited version history in the cloud.

“Too many solution providers offer incomplete point solutions to combat ransomware,” according to Will Noble, Chief Operations Officer at Cymbidium Systems. “The fact is that most of our clients require a layered approach that includes user training, strong antivirus protection, and cloud-based disaster recovery. Infrascale is helping us to connect these dots, empowering us to better protect our clients.”

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