MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – February 8, 2017 — / — Egnyte, the leading cloud provider of smart content collaboration and governance for the enterprise, today announced a new release of Egnyte Connect that revolutionizes the way users work. Egnyte Connect is debuting a new desktop app that gives users the ability to collaborate on any corporate content with no limits on file size, type, or location. The desktop app leverages familiar interfaces that everyone is used to – Mac Finder or Windows Explorer – in order to create a ‘content superhighway’ for users to collaborate more efficiently and increase productivity.

“As the amount of content in organizations continues to grow exponentially and is spread across many storage systems and cloud applications, it’s becoming difficult for employees to figure out how to quickly and efficiently access what they need to get their jobs done,” said Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain. “The new release of Egnyte Connect decouples ‘content location’ from ‘user experience’ by automatically providing users the fastest route to their content and allowing IT to modernize the content infrastructure without users ever noticing. This is the next step in taking businesses from the ‘Information Age’ to the ‘Intelligence Age’, where they will have smarter content and ultimately smarter businesses.”

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Egnyte Connect’s new desktop app will have multiple benefits for users:
Working Online and Offline – When a user has Internet connectivity, the desktop app will automatically show all the corporate content available to a user. Users will also be able to mark any folder for offline access, allowing them to keep working with limited or no Internet connectivity. Once the Internet connection is reestablished, the desktop app will automatically sync the edited files with Egnyte Connect so all other corporate users can see the changes made.

Intelligent Access to Cloud & On–Premises Content – When a user is working on a file, the desktop app will automatically select the fastest route to deliver the file to the user in order to reduce latency and optimize bandwidth cost. If a user is in the office working on a piece of content that is available via on–premises storage, Egnyte Connect will access the copy stored there. If the user is working remotely or at an office without on–premises storage, the cloud copy will automatically be selected. Meanwhile, this will be transparent to the end user.

Global File Locking – When multiple people on the team are working on a single piece of content, it can be tricky if multiple versions are created. With Egnyte Connect’s new desktop app, if a user is working on a file, it will be automatically locked. And any other user attempting to access the file will not be able to do so, keeping everyone aligned and preventing a version conflict.

Working With Productivity Apps They Like – The Egnyte Connect desktop app is backward compatible and provides cross-platform access via any productivity application. For example, when a user is using their favorite chat application, users will be able to access content from the Egnyte Connect desktop app just like they would by opening their Windows Explorer or Mac Finder – opening, reviewing, editing, and saving the content right back to where it came from. Right-click in the Egnyte Connect Desktop app to create a link and post this directly into your chat app to share files and folders with collaborators.

Limitless Devices – The Egnyte Connect desktop app redefines the concept of ‘content management’, making all of their content available at their fingertips, regardless of hard drive size, file size or file type, or where it’s stored in the corporate infrastructure. Users will no longer have to think about disk space, starting a VPN, or logging into a cloud service to have all of their important content available to them at all times, creating a convenient and stress free experience wherever they are working.

“Finding ways to increase productivity is a real challenge for today’s enterprise,” said Terry Frazier, Research Director at IDC. “One of the best opportunities for this is in solving the content sharing and collaboration challenge still faced by more than 60% of knowledge workers, who routinely access four or more separate information systems and only succeed at quickly finding what they need 56% of the time. Solutions that can securely unify file access and create seamless collaboration will quickly pay for themselves in reduced worker frustration and process time. And solutions that give users a single drive they can take with them anywhere – regardless of whether the data is stored locally, on–premises or in multiple cloud services – provide needed flexibility for IT while maintaining valuable consistency for users.”

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