Nimble Takes Gold in the All-Flash Systems and Silver in the Disk and Hybrid Systems Categories

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Feb. 27, 2017 — / — Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL), the leader in predictive flash storage, today announced its AF-Series All Flash arrays were named by SearchStorage as the All-Flash Systems Product of the Year, winning Gold in that category. SearchStorage also recognized the Nimble CS-Series Adaptive Flash arrays with an award in the Disk and Hybrid Systems category.

Judges selected winners according to innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use, and manageability, functionality and value. This is the 15th annual Storage magazine/ Products of the Year awards.

“When developing our All Flash arrays we aimed to redefine market expectations. We went back to the drawing board, determined what was lacking from flash arrays already on the market, and designed our All Flash arrays to leapfrog them in multiple dimensions,” said Ajay Singh, vice president of product management at Nimble Storage. “Winning the 2016 Product of the Year Award for All-Flash Systems is validation of Nimble’s commitment to innovation. We thank SearchStorage for this honor.”

The Nimble AF-Series All Flash array offers unparalleled differentiators including absolute performance, superior scalability and non-stop availability, at a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is up to 33 to 66 percent lower than competitive arrays. The Nimble Predictive Flash platform combines the fast flash performance of its All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays with the power of predictive analytics through InfoSight. By aggregating and analyzing data across the Nimble installed base, InfoSight Predictive Analytics identifies and prevents causes of downtime before they occur. The machine learning capabilities built into the Nimble Predictive Flash platform have enabled the measured availability to reach over six-nines (99.9999%) uptime.

In its article on Nimble winning Gold in the All-Flash Systems category, SearchStorage recognized the predictive analytics capabilities of InfoSight. “As with its hybrid storage, Nimble Storage all-flash arrays integrate the vendor’s cloud-based InfoSight Predictive Analytics,” Garry Kranz wrote. “InfoSight correlates billions of data points to monitor the behavior of virtual machines to pinpoint potential issues across the infrastructure stack.”

Kranz continues, “In rating the AF-Series entry, judges noted the flexibility that stems from Nimble’s flash fabric, which builds on its Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture for Adaptive Flash hybrid storage.”

The Nimble Unified Flash Fabric brings flash to all enterprise applications by unifying All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays into a single consolidation architecture with common data services. With the Unified Flash Fabric, end-users can reap the benefit of clustering All Flash arrays with the Adaptive Flash arrays and manage them as one. Since both arrays run the same NimbleOS, management and functionality are identical, eliminating the need for enterprises to choose between All Flash and Adaptive Flash. The Unified Flash Fabric enables common data services and transparent application mobility. Applications can be seamlessly and non-disruptively migrated across All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays to meet changing SLAs.

Nimble Storage to Host Third Annual vConference – March 15, 2017
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