GLENDALE, CA – 15 Jul, 2017 — / — Just last week, the world suffered its second global cyberattack at the hands of GoldenEye, a new strain of Petya ransomware. Prior to that, the world was struck by the biggest ransomware attack in history, plaguing over 300,000 machines. In response to the recent events, reevert, a SaaS all-in-one backup solution, is eager to help affected businesses protect their data from any future cyberattacks by giving away a one year free subscription of reevert to victims struck by ransomware. Reevert is providing them a second chance at data protection and recovery.

Launched just last year, reevert recognizes the need for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) to properly backup their data. Not only can you recover in the event of an attack, but you should also know that paying the ransom isn’t your only option. It was reported that over 70% of business victims paid the ransom in 2016. 50% of those people paid over $10,000 and 20% paid more than $40,000. By giving away 12 months of free seamless snapshots to victims of ransomware, SMBs can focus on running their businesses instead of worrying about ransoms.

As an all-in-one ransomware-resistant backup solution, reevert’s prime focus is to stand behind SMBs in the fight against ransomware. Reevert was specifically designed from the ground up to combat ransomware and data loss. It features fast hourly snapshots, safeguards your data and backups, and allows quick recovery. Reevert can image servers and computers, protect network shares, local files and folders, and offers offsite Cloud replication on the Amazon Cloud.

Ransomware has become one of the most lucrative cyber epidemics to spread around the world; reevert’s goal is to fight against it. reevert can help your business recover from any disaster or attack in seconds without having to pay the ransom. As one of the most affordable backup solutions for SMBs, reevert is a small investment for a more secure future.

To be eligible, companies must have been infected by ransomware on or after January 1st, 2016. Eligible companies may apply directly on the reevert website ( and will be contacted by reevert via email. Each eligible company will be awarded with one year free subscription of reevert.

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