Data has become more important to a business than ever before, but for all the advances in storage and speeds, is now exposed to more threats than at any other time in history. 2BrightSparks now provide the most flexible solution to this problem

SINGAPORE – September 18, 2018 — / — A computer or storage device can easily fall victim to hardware damage, corruption, virus infection, accidental deletion or even ransomware. If this happens, any or all of the files, documents, data and even memories can be lost forever.

SyncBackPro backup software allows individuals, households and businesses of any size to back up all their data. And 2BrightSparks now enable their users to use up to thirteen different cloud platforms supported by the software.

With storage costs at an all-time historical low, this means that off-site backups of all data can now be kept fully up to date. And this is now an affordable option for everyone.

Yet too many users hit the same problem – that of being tied into a specific cloud solution. Even when the service provider’s infrastructure or software has performance and reliability issues.

Once the new platform or provider has been chosen, getting all the data set up on a new platform can be time consuming, and it’s too easy to overlook and forget certain groups of files.

SyncBackPro makes sure that this can’t happen. With the ever-expanding number of cloud platforms supported (currently at thirteen), if someone decides to migrate to a new or additional platform, it’s simply a case of duplicating and amending the backup to work with the new provider. With no new software to install.

This flexibility provides a welcome relief to many SyncBack users.

As the needs of a business change over time, and more competitive storage pricing is introduced, switching to a new platform no longer needs to be difficult, let alone impossible.

And for users who prefer to backup to their own servers and devices, SyncBackPro supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP, offering even greater flexibility. SyncBack Touch can also be used with SyncBack to backup Android, Linux, macOS and Windows computers and devices.

With a quarter of a million customers from 155 countries using the software, SyncBack has been saving individuals and businesses from losing their files since 2003.

Further information and a free fully functional 30 day trial version are available from the 2BrightSparks website at

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