FileShadow for Windows Virtual Desktop enables companies of all sizes to implement thin provisioned storage for virtual desktops, allowing users to access their FileShadow vault within a virtual desktop

PROVO, Utah – May 01, 2019 — / — FileShadow, Inc. today announces FileShadow for Windows Virtual Desktop. The new version provides thin provisioned storage to companies using virtual desktops, separating users’ data from the operating system, local applications and user settings in the data center—reducing costs for any company using virtual desktops.

FileShadow thin provisioned storage allows virtual desktops to have access to large vaults without synchronizing data to the virtual desktop server. All of the content is available, but only downloaded on demand to the local virtual desktop when edited or modified. Users can store all of their content in FileShadow, enabling them to access their content and receive the archiving, aggregating and searching capabilities of FileShadow’s service. IT departments will save money by using FileShadow to minimize the amount of storage allocated for their virtual desktop servers, and user storage will be protected by the FileShadow vault—made explicitly for reliable storage, search and access of files.

“One of the issues that accompany a virtual desktop deployment is how to secure long-term storage of users’ files,” said Tyrone Pike, president and CEO of FileShadow. “With FileShadow, all of the archiving, aggregation and searching capabilities used by traditional desktop users are now available for virtual desktop users. Users simply install the FileShadow Desktop App on their virtual desktop and sign in; all of their files are available.”

FileShadow for Windows Virtual Desktop supports and integrates with cloud-based Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and premise-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. With FileShadow in place, customers can move easily between DaaS and VDI because their data is now portable.

Gartner, Inc. recommends: “Use DaaS today and in the near future for selected use cases, based on applications requirements, user workstyle, and user and data location. Suitable use cases to start the DaaS journey include proof-of-concept testing, short-term employees, seasonal workers, remote users, business continuity and disaster recovery. For smaller organizations that are aggressively migrating to cloud services and have fewer legacy integration challenges, the adoption of DaaS as a complete workforce solution is likely to be more viable in the short term. Large enterprise organizations should be more cautious with their speed of adoption, but will increasingly find the decision to move to a cloud service model more compelling than refreshing their existing virtual desktop infrastructure.” Gartner, Inc., Predicts 2019: Mobile and Endpoint Technologies, Manjunath Bhat, Michael Silver, Federica Troni, Annette Jump, Nathan Hill, Bryan Taylor, Stephen Kleynhans, Rob Smith, Dec. 5, 2018.

Fred Whitridge, president of Evergreen Slate Co., Inc., said, “When our company was searching for a virtual desktop solution for our computer aided manufacturing systems, we were introduced to Amazon Workspaces. Provisioning was seamless and complete in less than 30 minutes. We included FileShadow for Virtual Desktops to easily share, save and preserve every iteration throughout our workflow of our programmable logic controller (PLC) design. Having our files and programming tools accessible through the cloud is a game changer.”

“The seamless integration of FileShadow into HVE technologies gives clients indexed access to terabytes of data stored within the secure FileShadow vault and protects the user data by not allowing it to be stored on end-user devices,” said Joseph O’Daniel, president of HVE Inc. “FileShadow offers our clients advanced searching capabilities without requiring them to keep data on instances of their virtual desktops.”

Dave Turcotte, CEO and Chairman of IOXO, said, “IOXO offers Workspace Technologies as a Service delivering hosted desktops and applications, and we have been testing the integration of FileShadow for our Virtual Desktops. The FileShadow/IOXO combined solution solves the challenges associated with traditional user storage for VDI and DaaS, providing tremendous flexibility and security when searching for specific content. FileShadow eases our customers’ migration to virtual environments, and when integrated with IOXO’s CloudWRX platform, our customers automatically upgrade to the benefits of FileShadow’s advanced capabilities and protections for work in process. Our Team has been working with FileShadow for the past year, and we now include FileShadow on all IOXO virtual desktops so we can bring these more advanced functions to our customers.”

The FileShadow Service is free of charge for up to 100 GB of data. Subscriptions for FileShadow for Virtual Desktops are available for $25/month for 2TB and each additional terabyte is $10/month.

About FileShadow
FileShadow is a service that aggregates files from multiple cloud sources, Windows Virtual Desktops, Windows PC and macOS desktops and Drobo network and direct attached storage (NAS/DAS) devices into one secure, reliable and searchable cloud vault. Compatible with Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, HVE ConneXions VDI Solutions, IOXO Workspace Technology, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, and VMWare Horizon, FileShadow for Windows Virtual Desktop delivers thin provisioned access to the user’s vault.

Using machine learning, FileShadow provides superior indexing and searching capabilities. With FileShadow, users can quickly find any file with advanced search features such as file content, OCR of PDFs, GPS location and image searches. FileShadow is hosted on Google Cloud and IBM Cloud with storage on IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) and Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage, providing “11 nines” of durability for optimal file protection. FileShadow supports multiple cloud storage sources, including Windows PC and macOS desktops (including iCloud Drive files and iCloud Photos), Drobo NAS/DAS devices*, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe’s Lightroom solutions, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

* Supported Drobo NAS products include: 5N, 5N2, B810n; DAS Products Include: 5C, 5D/5Dt, 5D3 on Windows over USB and the 5C, 5D/5Dt, 5D3, 8D for Mac.

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