The Enterprise File Fabric v1906 release includes new and innovative features for faster synchronization and indexing for Big Data sets, easier governance and compliance practices for users and quicker ransomware attacks recovery; among many other new features

London, UK – 6th August 2019 — / — Storage Made Easy® (SME), announces that its new Enterprise File Fabric v1906 release is now available to new customers as well as existing customers through the Early Access upgrade channel.

This upgraded version of the Enterprise File Fabric incorporates a series of original new features that include:

  • FASTER SYNCHRONIZATION AND INDEXING: Provider synchronization is now up to 250 times faster, including initial synchronization and resynchronization. Content indexing (Solr) is also significantly faster. This makes it quicker to index and work with extremely large data sets.
  • NEW MICROSOFT ONEDRIVE CONNECTOR: A new Microsoft OneDrive connector unifies the original OneDrive (Free) and OneDrive for Business providers and includes many improvements including support for uploading very large files.
  • TEAM FOLDER PERMISSION REPORTING: Governance and compliance is now easier with a new Shared Team Folder Permission Reporting page. Auditors can see and export, for each or all users, explicit and inherited permissions for each folder. Access is from the Shared Team Folders page.
  • CONTENT INTELLIGENCE: Generate MediaInfo, MD5 Checksums, AI-driven video transcription and more intelligence services at your fingertips with the new Content Intelligence feature.
  • FOREVER FILE NOW SUPPORTS FOLDER LEVEL RECOVERY: Recovery from a ransomware attack or accidental change is now much easier with the File Fabric’s Folder Level Recovery functionality.
  • INSTANT COMPLIANCE HEALTHCHECK: Check how your Policy configuration matches up to industry standards with our new Compliance Healthcheck.
  • SET QUOTAS FOR FOLDERS: You can now set usage quotas on folders managed by the File Fabric, helping companies to manage their storage capacity and prevent unexpected costs.
  • PREVIEWS AND THUMBNAILS FOR MORE DOCUMENT TYPES:Need to preview PSD’s, RAW files, TIFFs and more? The File Fabric now supports 50 more types of files for previews and thumbnails.
  • PERMALINKS FOR FOLDERS:Permanent links for folders, for authorizes users, can now be generated from within the Cloud File Manager.

James Norman, Engineering Manager of SME, said: “This release delivers a significant step-up in performance, reliability and functionality for our customers and end-users. The raft of new features deliver value to use-cases focusing around big-data, digital media asset management, compliance and cybersecurity. The teams have worked hard to deliver new functionality alongside significant performance improvements to the core of the application, and we consider this one of our most significant releases to-date.”

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About Storage Made Easy (SME)
Storage Made Easy provides a multi-cloud data management and data protection product called the Enterprise File Fabric™ that unifies on-premises and on-cloud company storage assets in addition to standalone products that bridge desktop and cloud, such as operating system native cloud drives and cloud explorer applications.

The File Fabric provides cloud-like economics across a company’s storage portfolio, unlocking the benefits and cost-efficiency of its data assets whilst providing strict controls and governance for legislative compliance and security concerns such as ransomware attacks. Existing site-based storage infrastructures can be transformed into an on-premises private cloud, delivering a storage-as-a- service model to the company. Local storage can be connected to public clouds, expertly managed by the File Fabric as a unified hybrid cloud storage platform.

The File Fabric solution offers a “blanket” that companies can privately apply to wrap around all their data: on-premises, within a public cloud, or on a third party software vendors’ cloud (SharePoint or Salesforce for example). Customers can use the File Fabric for security, encryption and control with a focus on compliance regimes such as GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA and GBLA.

Customers include one of the world’s largest social media companies, and also one of the largest global retailers, in addition to global internet service providers, universities and international government and governmental bodies.

The company is backed by one of the largest alternative asset managers in addition to entrepreneurs in the London market insurance industry, who have previously successfully sold their company to a listed peer.

Storage Made Easy is the trading name of Vehera LTD.

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