The new release focuses on enterprise governance and compliance targeting service providers and companies that need to enforce compliance regulations on their whole data estate.

LONDON, UK – 26th September 2017 — / — Storage Made Easy™ (SME) announced today they have released an updated version of their enterprise File Fabric™ product which unifies all on-premises and on-cloud data into a single workspace for end users.

The major themes for this release focus on enhancing governance and compliance to support new compliance regimes such as GDPR, support for even more data repositories via the introduction of new connectors and new multi-cloud collaboration features which work across on-premises and on-cloud files and data.

The release also focuses on enhanced security, introducing a number of new features and updates. There is a new integration with external SAML systems for secure user Single Sign On (SSO), inclusive of Microsoft ADFS. This is in addition to the existing LDAP and MS Active Directory integration. Identity Management is an important piece of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governance process.

Another security update is Google Authenticator support for two-factor authentication (2FA), which itself is complimented by additional on-device security mechanisms such as password protection and biometric security like fingerprints. Two-factor authentication (2FA) works as an extra step in the security process that reconfirms identity, enforcing protection across all corporate data sources whilst being tied into existing corporate identity management solutions.

The File Fabric Audit Log event stream has been strengthened with time series information and enhanced security features to protect against database log tampering. For regulations such as GDPR, companies will need to track who had access to personal data, when and why. The audit event stream works across all corporate data sources and enables companies to have complete audit logs for all related file events making it much easier for companies to satisfy subject access requests.

Another security enhancement for this release is integration with Vault Key Server by HashiCorp which allows keys for data encryption/decryption to be stored in a vault instance and be referenced on demand by the File Fabric as needed. This new integration will be a must for Service Providers who want to enable their customers to manage their own encryption keys for GDPR and compliance purposes.

The File Fabric encryption feature has also been made more granular, so that is can be set at a folder level in addition to a connector level. Encryption is an important part of the GDPR as it protects personal (and company) data so even if a local/remote service is breached, the data is rendered useless as it is externally encrypted and cannot be accessed. This type of multi-layered encryption is essential for best effort compliance with GDPR.

Collaboration features have also been strengthened by incorporating multi-cloud workflow approvals, allowing companies to stream documents workflows across data silos with feedback and approvals. In addition to this the release now enables real time collaborative editing of documents by multiple users and additionally private ‘behind the firewall’ document viewers have been implemented as part of the general focus on ‘privacy by design’ for GDPR.

At a connector level, Object Storage Support has been enhanced by including multi-part upload for all S3 compatible providers that support it with the additional ability to download range requests for storage providers that support range operations. In conjunction with this the release features support for new S3 signature formats and regions and the support of Swift Keystone 3 authentication.

Marco Spoldi, BCLOUD Software Defined Storage Evangelist, said: “Since 2013 SME & BCLOUD has a successful experience together, when we start to integrate SME collaboration feature in our Object Storage portfolio offered to Service Providers in Italy. Our customers and prospects appreciate the whole solution. Service providers and industry customers already know the power of SME. Today, with European compliance, GDPR is mandatory to better control information, and although the existing SME File Fabric already offers us this control, the new File Fabric release strengthens this even further. SME is a real value in our sales proposal.”

Kamran Yousaf, Storage Made Easy CTO, said, “Companies need to get ready for the upcoming data protection law which will come into force in less than a year from today. This has to be done across the whole of corporate data and not on a siloed piecemeal fashion. The ability for IT to take back control means that they need to be able to control on-premises and on-cloud data if they are to effectively control data compliance issues and challenges presented by GDPR. This new File Fabric release adds important new features that direct corporate customers, service providers, and educational providers will require to meet compliance requirements.”

Storage Made Easy is working very hard on ensuring their File Fabric product works as an enforcement gateway across all company data sets to help protect existing corporate data, providing a comprehensive set of policies that span encryption to file sharing security and governance. Creating policies is a key mechanism in the enforcement of data processes, preventing potential breaches of corporate governance and achieving compliance with regional data legislation rules such as GDPR.

About Storage Made Easy (SME)
The Storage Made Easy™ Enterprise File Fabric™ enables IT to regain control of “cloud data sprawl” to unify on-premises and on-cloud files into a single easily managed converged infrastructure with policy-based controls for governance, audit and security.

The File Fabric solution provides a “blanket” enterprises wrap around all their data: on premises, within public and private clouds, as well as on third-party software vendor clouds (SharePoint Online and Salesforce for example).

Customers use the SME File Fabric product to unify corporate data to enable workgroup collaboration with universal controls for security, encryption, audit, and data access. Companies will have access to a greater understanding of where and how sensitive data is stored, transferred, and accessible with particular focus on how companies are able to police and audit data to ensure enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in addition to other regional data legislation.

Storage Made Easy is the trading name of Vehera LTD.

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