Major updates to Portworx Enterprise, PX-Autopilot, and PX-Backup enable Fortune 2000 enterprises to run, store and backup containerized applications on Kubernetes

LOS ALTOS, CA – August 18, 2020 — / — Portworx, the leading Kubernetes storage platform, today announced the completion of its best quarter ever in both number of sales and total revenue as well as a major summer release of its industry-leading Kubernetes storage platform to enable companies to run, scale, backup, and recover mission-critical applications on Kubernetes. Serving many of the world’s largest Kubernetes customers, the Portworx Storage Platform for Kubernetes is quickly becoming the industry standard to ensure mission-critical Kubernetes applications are performant, protected and secure in multi- and hybrid-cloud environments.

Today’s release provides Portworx’s growing list of Fortune 2000 customers with enhanced security, automation, and built-in data protection to easily deploy all of their mission-critical data services from a single platform. In addition to today’s product and momentum news, Portworx also announced it has been certified on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). The certification verifies Portworx as a Cloudera Certified Technology, and that its solutions have been tested, validated and certified to work with Cloudera Data Platform.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, enterprises are putting increased emphasis on accelerating digital transformation to combat slowdowns in other parts of their business or capture gains from shifting consumer patterns. Industry analysts validate this sentiment, with IDC projecting the DevOps software market will reach $15 billion by 2023. There are an increasing number of container storage solutions on the market, however most require customers to cobble together disparate storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions to meet their application and scale requirements. This leaves customers with a Frankenstein-style stack for all their data needs, which is both inconsistent and unproven.

As the leading provider of storage and data management solutions for the cloud-native enterprise, Portworx solves this problem. On July 31, Portworx completed its strongest quarter ever, in both number of sales and total value of sales, right off the heels of its previously record-setting Q1 2020. More enterprises are purchasing the Portworx Kubernetes Storage Platform which includes integrated storage, backup, DR, and security, and the average annual recurring revenue of those purchases has increased by 61% in only three quarters, with dozens of customers now having purchased $250,000 or more worth of licenses. Additional notable demonstrations of momentum this quarter include a $1 million+ license sale as well as a customer running Portworx Enterprise in production on over 1,500 nodes and 90 Kubernetes clusters – a scale unmatched in the industry.

While all types of Kubernetes customers are purchasing Portworx, the company is seeing some its strongest growth come from OpenShift customers who require large scale storage and integrated backup and disaster recovery for their enterprise applications. Typical of these customers are a global financial institution and communications company who this quarter made large 6-figure purchases to add backup and restore, disaster recovery, Kubernetes-granular storage to their OpenShift environment. These purchases ensure that customers can radically expand their use of OpenShift, driving significant revenue opportunities not only for Portworx, but also the rest of the OpenShift and Kubernetes ecosystem. Portworx is the industry-leading data storage solution for Kubernetes trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, including Comcast, GE Digital, Lufthansa, T-Mobile, and Ford Motor Company.

“Enterprises fueling their data transformation initiatives with Kubernetes cannot rely on traditional storage that fails to keep up with the scale and dynamism of Kubernetes environments, or cloud-native solutions that have yet to be proven at a global scale,” said Gou Rao, CTO and cofounder, Portworx. “Only the Portworx Enterprise platform provides an enterprise-class solution for scalable, performant container storage, backup and disaster recovery, multi-cloud operations, data security, capacity management, and compliance and governance.”

“At Audi Business Innovation, we’ve explored different strategies for managing cloud costs, and the integration of Portworx as our Kubernetes storage platform has been successful in achieving this goal,” said Florian Buchmeier, DevOps Engineer, Audi Business Innovation, a 100% subsidiary of Audi AG. “Portworx provides an enterprise-class alternative to the network-attached storage commonly available on the cloud but at one third the price and substantially higher performance. Additionally, using the recently introduced PX-Autopilot to automatically provision storage only when it is needed, we are driving our cost savings even further.”

Portworx Enterprise 2.6
Already the market-leading Kubernetes storage platform, Portworx Enterprise 2.6 adds a series of new features and updates essential to the large scale operation of Kubernetes environments. While not essential for smaller clusters of ten or less nodes, larger clusters can impair performance of less robust Kubernetes storage platforms. As such, Portworx recently added features such:

  • Node capacity rebalancing –– Ensures no single node is allocated to full capacity when other nodes have space and are able to move replicas for a balanced state.
  • Improved performance for complete etcd loss –– Ensures that the Portworx storage cluster continues to operate as expected during temporary etcd outages.
  • K3s support –– K3s is a popular Kubernetes distribution for edge applications which often include hundreds or thousands of endpoints. Now the Portworx Storage Platform can be used with k3s clusters opening the door to the rapid growth of data services at the edge.
  • Proxy Volumes –– Kubernetes application pods can now access external data sources (e.g. NFS shares) from Portworx Volumes.

PX-Backup 1.1
The first significant update to PX-Backup brings streamlined support for recovery operations and user experience. The added depth of PX-Backup telemetry helps enterprises understand cluster environments, the number of backups they have, and the number of restores used across PX-Backup. Additionally, a new node based licensing plan and pay as you go options makes it easier for businesses to scale up and down as their data needs evolve. Additional capabilities include:

  • Granular Restores –– Added capability to selectively restore individual resource types from a backup instead of the entire application.
  • Generic CRD support –– Identify and support backups for any custom or generic CRDs.
  • Support for namespace quotas –– Application CPU, Memory and Storage Quotas can be applied at the namespace level, ensuring restored applications are placed on clusters with sufficient resources.
  • Backup procedure metrics –– New metrics like number of protected namespaces, size of backups and alert status for backups and restores.
  • Default backups –– Allow admins to create policies to backup namespaces or applications in their Kubernetes clusters using wildcards for namespaces that get created later.

PX-Autopilot for Capacity Management 1.3
Portworx previously announced PX-Autopilot for Capacity Management, enabling enterprises to cut their storage bills in half by automatically detecting when storage capacity is running low and provisioning more only when it’s needed. Today’s update adds requested improvements in the form of GKE pool management support, auto pool rebalance, and GitOps based approval workflow, where an action like volume resize will require approval from designated users before action is taken. As enterprises seek to reduce cloud spend during COVID-19, these features are seeing increased demand.

Portworx Enterprise 2.6 will be generally available on August 24. PX-Autopilot 1.3 will be generally available on August 31. PX-Backup 1.1 will be available in Tech Preview on August 19. For more information, visit

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Portworx is the container storage company enterprises trust to run mission-critical data services on Kubernetes in production. By enabling data availability, data security, cloud migrations, backup and disaster recovery for applications running on-prem or across clouds, Portworx is the #1 most used Kubernetes storage platform by Global 2000 companies, including Carrefour, Comcast, GE Digital, Lufthansa, T-Mobile, and Ford Motor Company. Based in Los Altos, Calif., Portworx partners with Amazon, Cisco, Google, HPE, IBM, Red Hat, VMware, and other leading enterprise software companies to accelerate container adoption. The company was also named the Leader in the 2020 GigaOm Radar for Data Storage for Kubernetes report. For more information, visit or follow @portwx.

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