TrilioVault adds highly sophisticated data protection capabilities and improves operating efficiency for customers of LINSTOR with Kubernetes

Framingham, MA – September 01, 2020 — / — LINBIT has finalized an agreement to partner with Trilio to provide application-level disaster recovery using TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK), the leading cloud-native backup software for Kubernetes (K8s) environments. With this validated solution, LINSTOR users can fully restore — to any point in time, on-demand — entire Kubernetes applications, including all K8s objects such as label, Helm chart and Operator-based deployments.

“To provide robust disaster recovery support for customers’ K8s environments, we’re both proud and excited to have Trilio as a certified LINBIT Partner. TVK has the features LINBIT’s customers need, integrates flawlessly with LINSTOR, and was engineered specifically to meet the unique needs of these environments,” said Brian Hellman, COO for LINBIT.

“We work closely with the LINBIT team to ensure a reliable, well-integrated toolset for our mutual customers,” said Thomas Lahive, Vice President of Alliances and Strategic Accounts for Trilio. “The end result is an easy-to-use, infinitely scalable backup solution enabling customers to recover from disasters, migrate workloads, move workloads to new infrastructures, and/or migrate to new software distributions with the click of a button.”

The solution is validated for use by LINSTOR customers, providing continuity in process, deployment and interface for K8s developers and admins. The solution can:

  • Store point-in-time application backups in NFS repositories, on or off-premises
  • Recover applications along with the operating system, network configurations, metadata and data into a new cluster, data center or cloud
  • Manage data protection and DR workloads
  • Manage backup policies for K8s environments (on-prem, off-prem and multi-cloud)
  • Migrate applications with ease

About Trilio
Trilio is trusted by global cloud operators to deliver data protection, infrastructure migration, mobility and version management. TrilioVault technology supports Kubernetes containers like OpenShift, OpenStack hybrid clouds and Red Hat Virtualization environments to recover from disasters, migrate workloads, move workloads to new infrastructures and migrate to new software distributions.

LINBIT™ is the force behind DRBD® and a leader in open-source Linux block storage software for enterprise and cloud computing. LINBIT’s software has helped thousands of global companies such as Volkswagen, Intel, Cisco, Siemens, and the BBC to provide High Availability (HA), Geo Clustering for Disaster Recovery (DR), and SDS for public and private clouds. Located in Portland, Oregon and Vienna, Austria, LINBIT partners with other companies like Redhat, Intel, IBM or DaoCloud to accelerate Linux and Kubernetes storage solutions.


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