LAWRENCE, Kan. — Feb. 18, 2021 — / — Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, today announced that DCIG has named the company’s industry-leading Compass® enterprise SaaS backup platform as a TOP 3 Google Cloud Platform (GCP) backup solution for 2021. In its latest report, DCIG noted that Compass is a highly distinguished player in the cloud backup market, having earned three other rankings in earlier DCIG reports. These include the TOP 5 cloud backup solutions for Microsoft Azure, the TOP 5 for enterprise AWS, and the TOP 5 enterprise anti-ransomware backup solutions.

“GCP offers many features organizations need from a public cloud platform: high availability, redundancy, security, and much more. Even with these benefits, organizations still have to assume responsibility for the applications and data they host with GCP — and that means adopting comprehensive solutions for backup and recovery,” said DCIG president and founder Jerome M. Wendt in his latest report. “Cobalt Iron Compass continues to distinguish itself as a leading backup and recovery solution regardless of the public cloud environment, with all-inclusive licensing that offers multiple deployment options for GCP.”

In his detailed DCIG report, Wendt differentiates Compass from the other evaluated GCP cloud backup solutions in several key areas.

These include:

An analytics engine to improve backup and recovery — Users enjoy the benefits of the Compass Analytics Engine. This software constantly evaluates how Compass backups perform in the GCP cloud. Using this information, Compass may automatically act to optimize backup schedules, resolve backup storage issues, and detect and alert to ransomware’s presence.

A cloud-like, SaaS-based backup experience across hybrid environments — Organizations may deploy Compass on physical, virtual, or cloud instances. These instance types interact with one another to function as a single, logical, converged infrastructure across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Instant recoveries — The need for instant recoveries does not instantly go away once organizations host applications and data in GCP. Among the DCIG TOP 3 backup solutions, Compass is the only one to provide this functionality.

Protection for non-GCP MariaDB and NoSQL databases hosted in GCP — Cobalt Iron leads the way in certifying support for the protection of non-GCP databases hosted in the GCP. Organizations looking to back up their MariaDB or NoSQL databases hosted in GCP need look no further than Compass to perform this task.

Support for backup across multiple public and private clouds — Cobalt Iron differentiates itself from almost all other backup solutions by offering backups across multiple public and private clouds. In addition to GCP support, Compass protects applications and data hosted in the Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, and the IBM Cloud.

“IT managers, execs, and engineers listen to DCIG when they’re evaluating data protection solutions for their operations. That’s why this latest TOP ranking is so significant — it really cements Compass’ position as a platform-agnostic cloud backup provider that plays well with all of the major providers,” said Andy Hurt, chief marketing officer at Cobalt Iron. “We appreciate DCIG’s ongoing support and its validation of Compass as one of the industry’s most powerful and versatile data protection solutions for any cloud or on-prem application.”

Readers can download the DCIG TOP 3 GCP Backup Solutions report here. More information about Cobalt Iron is available at

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