DÜSSELDORF, Germany – October 29, 2021 — /BackupReview.info/ — At HUAWEI ECO-CONNECT EUROPE 2021 – taking place online as well as onsite in Düsseldorf, Paris, Rome, Madrid and DenHaag – Huawei introduced its next generation of data protection products: the OceanProtect X8000 and X9000 Backup Storage and the OceanProtect A8000 Appliance.

Huawei – rated as a leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage by Gartner, the world’s leading research and consulting company – placed a focus on data protection in its keynote speech at the event. With the world’s data demands growing and diversifying rapidly, Huawei Germany’s IT Solution Sales Director, Sascha Oehl, emphasized that we need a new infrastructure to support the needs of enterprises – zero service disruption, zero data loss, and long-term information retention – as their data use expands to exabyte-level.

OceanProtect is designed to be a core part of this infrastructure: a comprehensive solution for disaster recovery, backup and archiving, covering every data scenario at a larger scale and with better performance and reliability than previous generations.

Huawei also used the event to showcase OceanStor Pacific, the distributed storage designed for Mass Data.

OceanProtect: Comprehensive protection for diversified data
The OceanProtect Data Protection Solution a wide range of use cases throughout the data lifecycle: full disaster recovery of hot data, quick backup and restore of warm data, and warm archiving of cold data.

It is available as two separate systems: OceanProtect X8000 and X9000 Backup Storage, for centralized backup systems, and OceanProtect A8000 Backup Appliance, for all-in-one backups incorporating software, servers and storage.

Recognizing that enterprises need to back up more data in the same time frames, Huawei optimized the OceanProtect for efficient storage and high backup speed. Using a distributed parallel architecture, it can reach a bandwidth of 155TB per hour – three times higher than the industry benchmark – with data reduction ratios of up to 72:1.

In addition, with its unified storage architecture, OceanProtect can store data in the same format for every use case, enabling faster cross-system copying and ultimately improving configuration efficiency by 50%.

In a single solution, it enables fast-expanding and data-driven enterprises to enjoy guaranteed service continuity, universal protection, and instant data access.

“We’re seeing a rapid move in primary storage – from mechanical hard drives to flash drives,” said Sascha Oehl. “However, the whole storage infrastructure, especially the protection solution, fails to meet the demands that come with rapid business growth. We need to accelerate our backup systems.

“The OceanProtect solution solves problems such as low data backup efficiency, high TCO, and difficult data reuse. It ensures zero data loss and efficient service operation.”

Unlocking the true value of data
Huawei also presented its high-density, high-performance storage system, OceanStor Pacific 9950. With high-density hardware and high-ratio EC, OceanStor Pacific can increase space utilization to 93% while reducing footprint by 40% and TCO by 30%.

Both OceanProtect and OceanStor Pacific are built on the principle of delivering more value from data. As enterprises’ data ownership grows, they will look to get more out of it, combining it into data lakes that can power new innovations and generate returns for the business.

Key to supporting this is a robust data platform that provides the necessary infrastructure for 24/7 services, multiple data categories, and fast and flexible access at large scale. This is what Huawei’s new generation of data protection products is designed for: future-proofing data protection, eliminating problems such as low backup efficiency and high TCO, and make data more easily usable.

For more information about Huawei’s Storage Products, please visit: https://e.huawei.com/uk/products/storage

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