NEW YORK, NY – July 26, 2022 — / / — Model9, the pioneer in cloud data management for mainframe, today announced a global joint solution with Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, to revolutionize the way mainframe enterprises are managing their mission critical data.

The joint solution between Model9 and Pure Storage will address the strong market need for a consolidated cloud-based data protection and data management solution for mainframe, which is currently limited to legacy storage solutions in the mainframe environment that keep data siloed and inaccessible to cloud services.

The joint solution delivers modern data management, rapid recovery at petabyte scale, and ransomware protection, and enables the integration of mainframe data with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics services via object storage.

While Model9 Manager performs backup, archiving, space management, and disaster recovery directly from the mainframe to Pure Storage’s FlashBlade, a unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage solution, Model9 Shield creates multiple copies of the data onto FlashBlade and ensures they are protected. In addition, the resulting data is compressed and encrypted end-to-end, enabling organizations to air-gap the data – the process of isolating an additional copy from the network to eliminate potential cyberattack exposure. In the case of an attack, data can be restored rapidly due to the unrivaled backup and restore performance and functionality of FlashBlade combined with Model9’s ability to significantly reduce backup and restore elapsed time and increase throughput respectively. Once the data is stored onto FlashBlade, it can be transformed with Model9 Gravity to any open format without consuming expensive mainframe CPU. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics applications can then leverage both current and historical mainframe data to derive better business insights.

Additionally, with Pure Storage’s Evergreen architecture, mainframe customers can take advantage of non-disruptive upgrades.

“With more and more mainframe customers embracing cloud, and 80% of the world’s business data still held in mainframes, it is imperative that companies find a way to integrate their most valuable, mission-critical data with AI/ML and analytics applications while making sure the data is well protected,” Says Gil Peleg, CEO at Model9. “The Pure Storage and Model9 joint solution allows customers to create a hybrid environment that will enable them to enjoy the best of both worlds, while ensuring business continuity,” he added.

“Historically, mainframes have been isolated islands of data with limited connectivity to the services and applications in modern data centers. The joint Model9 and Pure Storage solution modernizes the mainframe with connectivity to open systems platforms, enabling modern, cloud-like economics and application workflows, and bringing a more effective data consumption model to enterprise customers.” – Chad Monteith, Principal Architect, Field Solutions & Strategy, Office of the CTO, Pure Storage.

Model9 and Pure Storage will co-sell the joint solution though SIs and resellers in the US and globally.

About Model9
Model9 modernizes mainframe data management and business intelligence in enterprises to help them democratize data and accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud technologies. Its patented software-only technology securely delivers mainframe data to any cloud data lakehouse, and standard APIs enable sharing data with advanced AI and analytics platforms. Additional benefits of adopting the Model9 solution is the elimination of costly and complex legacy storage (tapes and VTLs), improved data management performance in the cloud, and accelerated cloud adoption without having to perform risky, costly, and large-scale application migration projects.

Model9 is trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions, government agencies, and healthcare and retail companies.

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