SWIFT 1.3 – deeper automation, visibility, mobility for Containers

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2022 — / BackupReview.info / — RackWare, a leading provider of Hybrid Cloud Mobility solutions, announced today general availability of RackWare SWIFT™ v1.3. SWIFT is a comprehensive solution for migrating and protecting stateful containerized workloads and has extended that support for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

A key feature of SWIFT is its capability to transform applications from any Kubernetes version, on-prem or cloud to OpenShift running on-prem or cloud, including Red Hat managed offerings such as ARO (Azure Red Hat OpenShift). This new release (v1.3) of RackWare SWIFT allows incremental application backups for OpenShift based applications as well as any operators to any block storage of your choice. SWIFT v1.3 also enables OpenShift backups to a variety of S3 compatible object storages.

RackWare SWIFT solution is equipped with full Any-to-OpenShift migration and Disaster Recovery (DR) capability. SWIFT is also now a Red Hat certified solution for RHEL and Containers.

“The new release of RackWare SWIFT empowers OpenShift users with more choices for storage options as well as securing their OpenShift deployments with incremental backup policies. And we are seeing a lot of interest in our capability to do full Any-to-OpenShift transformations with a push button solution,” said Todd Matters, CTO, RackWare.

For more details, see the solution description at https://www.rackwareinc.com/swift

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