Johannesburg, SA – 10 May 2023 — / / — Redstor, a born-in-the-cloud software vendor and provider of what it calls the smarter cloud backup platform tailored for managed service providers (MSPs), is ramping up its efforts in Kenya to meet the increasing demand for cloud and software as a service (SaaS) solutions in the region.

As revealed by the “Cloud in Africa 2023” study conducted by World Wide Worx, Kenyan organisations topped the list of cloud services big spenders in 2022, with 84% of them increasing their spending on cloud services.

To support this growth and strengthen its commitment to MSPs in the Kenyan market, Redstor will host a Redstor Partner event on 18 May. This event is designed to offer delegates an opportunity to learn about Redstor’s innovative cloud backup solutions and explore potential collaborations in the rapidly expanding cloud and SaaS market in Kenya. Dylan Cairns, Marketing Manager for Partner Acquisition in the UK and EMEA; Angela Kasandi, Channel Account Manager; Portia Mabaso, Technical Account Manager; and Mbuso Mothoa, Partner Acquisitions at Redstor, will be the speakers at the event.

The adoption of cloud technology is crucial for Kenyan businesses to remain competitive in today’s connected environment by leveraging the numerous benefits of cloud computing. Embracing the cloud enables businesses to improve efficiencies by reducing the need for physical infrastructure, streamlining data management processes and providing access to innovative solutions that help automate critical business functions.

“With the remarkable surge in cloud adoption across Kenya, we recognise the immense potential for Redstor to assist MSPs in safeguarding their customers’ data while managing their backup strategies more effectively,” says Cairns. “Our presence in Kenya through this partner event demonstrates not only our unwavering commitment to supporting this growth, but also our dedication to providing our expertise to local MSPs, empowering them to deliver secure and reliable services to their clients.”

Additionally, cloud adoption plays a vital role in enabling Kenyan businesses to strengthen their cyber security posture and protect their valuable data. With the rise in cyber threats and the increasing importance of data protection, adopting robust cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Cloud service providers, like Redstor, offer advanced security features and encryption methods that help businesses safeguard their sensitive data from unauthorised access and potential cyber attacks.

Redstor’s heightened focus on the Kenyan market aligns with the company’s strategic direction and the substantial investment in the cloud and SaaS space in the country. By leveraging its smarter cloud backup platform, Redstor aims to empower managed service providers and organisations in Kenya to protect their valuable data securely and efficiently.

As cloud adoption continues to rise across the African continent, Redstor remains committed to providing reliable and innovative cloud backup solutions to help MSPs safeguard their clients’ critical data and manage their IT infrastructure with confidence.

About Redstor
Redstor is a disruptive data management SaaS business that has created a smart, cloud-native platform, which delivers rapid protection of data residing on infrastructure and in a wide array of SaaS applications. Channel focused and trusted by more than 40,000 clients, Redstor’s mission is to make data management simple, smart and safe.

Dylan Cairns
Channel Partner Marketing Manager, UK & EMEA
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Source: Redstor