Ransomware attacks and unforeseen events such as system crashes, hardware failures, power outages, and other uncontrollable factors continue to threaten data security. Protecting your enterprise’s data has never been more important.

SHENZHEN, China – Sept. 26, 2023 — / BackupReview.info / — TerraMaster, a professional brand dedicated to providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses, recently released the latest version of Centralized Backup, a professional disaster recovery tool developed specifically for business users.

By using Centralized Backup, company IT managers can back up data from diverse IT environments such as Windows computers, servers, file servers, and virtual machines to TNAS, which can then be centrally managed by TNAS.

Centralized Backup Key Features

New VMware Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery
The new Centralized Backup includes VMware virtual machine backup and recovery functions and supports the backup of virtual machines under VMware vSphere, including ESXi and vCenter components, can help enterprises to meet future recovery or migration needs by supporting storage backup of VMware Vshpere and Windows Hyper-V virtual machines.

One Machine for Multiple Purposes
By running Centralized Backup on a TNAS device, only one TNAS device can meet the enterprise’s backup needs for employee computers, servers, file servers, virtual machines, and workstations, greatly reducing the enterprise’s IT investment costs.

Scheduled and Migrated Backups
Centralized Backup can automatically schedule backups of enterprise data, reducing manual intervention, enhancing work efficiency, and storing data securely for future recovery. It also aids enterprises in migrating data between devices, such as local server-to-server transfers, ensuring data integrity and security.

Multiple Backup Strategies
Centralized Backup supports multiple backup strategies such as full backup and incremental backup, and can back up multiple data sources. Different enterprises can choose appropriate backup methods according to the needs to save storage space and backup time.

Disaster Recovery
Enterprises may face catastrophic events such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, or human errors that result in data loss. Centralized Backup can swiftly assist enterprises in disaster recovery, minimizing business losses.

In Full Control
Centralized Backup not only provides users with detailed backup and restore task configuration history, but also offers millions of logs. By enabling the notification function, administrators can monitor the progress status of backup and restoration in a timely manner.

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