San Mateo, CA – November 14, 2023 — / / — Cloudian, the leader in enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud, today announced the launch of HyperStore 8 software, a revolutionary unified file and object data management platform that ushers in a new era of storage solutions for both traditional and modern workloads. HyperStore 8 uniquely consolidates modern and legacy storage formats in a cloud-like environment that delivers on-premises control, bimodal file and object data access, and record-setting performance in an exabyte-scalable, geo-distributed platform. This combination makes HyperStore 8 ideal for both capacity-intensive and performance-intensive workloads in AI/ML, data analytics, data protection, and hybrid cloud.

As modern applications, such as AI training models and data lakes, generate increasingly vast file and object-based datasets, there is a growing need to streamline data management and enhance innovation by consolidating workloads and data types. Cloudian HyperStore 8 addresses this challenge by providing an on-premises solution that caters to both performance and capacity-intensive workloads, whether they are local, distributed geographically, or situated in a hybrid cloud environment. The platform boasts the industry’s richest S3 API compatibility, highest level of public cloud integration, object geo-distribution, and unified file and object management, all within a single control framework.

Key Features of HyperStore 8 software:

  • Leading performance: On an all-flash platform, HyperStore 8 delivers up to 17.7GB/s write and 24.9GB/s read from a cluster of six power-efficient, single-processor servers, representing a remarkable 74% improvement in power efficiency compared to HDD-based systems.
  • Unified storage: File and object storage seamlessly integrate within a modular, software-defined-storage platform compatible with industry-standard flash-based and HDD-based servers.
  • Bimodal data access: Data is accessible in both file and object formats, regardless of its original format, making information universally available to both legacy and modern applications.
  • Global geo-distribution: Manage a global network of Cloudian storage nodes from a single screen, with fine-grained policy management to provide local storage performance, security and data sovereignty together with single-point-of-control simplicity.
  • Military-grade security: The most extensive set of security certifications in object storage, plus data immutability for ransomware protection and Secure Shell for intrusion defense.
  • Hybrid storage policies: Application-aware storage policy management to maximize performance and capacity efficiency in real time.

Cloudian HyperStore 8 is available now for evaluation.

Video: HyperStore 8 Unified File and Object Storage

Customer Insight
“Now in our eighth year as a Cloudian user, we are very excited about the transformative capabilities that Cloudian HyperStore 8 brings to our data analytics, data warehousing and cloud services,” stated Jonathan Williams, Chief Technology Officer at Calligo. “HyperStore 8 offers new data management and performance capabilities that will help us to further enhance our services and amplify our customer’s capacity to derive strategic value from their data.”

 Partner Insight
“With the exponential growth of new workloads such as AI, our customers are demanding simplified, large-scale data management solutions,” said Stuart McRae, Executive Director of Storage, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. “Cloudian HyperStore 8 represents a leap forward, efficiently managing unstructured data that, when combined with Lenovo optimized Cloudian Ready Nodes, seamlessly delivers the performance and scalability for large scale data sets.”

“Cloudian HyperStore 8’s breakthrough performance and unified storage capabilities will give our customers new tools to manage their evolving data needs,” said Dale Foster, CEO of CLIMB Channel Solutions. “With the ability to consolidate modern and legacy storage formats on a single platform, and industry-leading S3 API compatibility and security features, Cloudian is pushing the boundaries of storage innovation.”

Executive Insight
“The days of legacy storage systems, with their single-site storage silos, limited protocol support, and complex proprietary infrastructure are over,” said Michael Tso, Cloudian’s CEO. “HyperStore 8 sets a new benchmark in performance and efficiency by enabling our customers to fully leverage their object and file data across both modern and legacy applications regardless of the data capacity, physical location, or data format, all on industry standard hardware and within a simple global management framework.”


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