RackWare gives customers the ability to move their workloads from any source into DigitalOcean using a fully automated and unified system

  • RackWare offers full support for Integrated Assessment, Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery on Digital Ocean
  • RackWare RMM solution can replicate from any hypervisor, physical server, cloud or application into DigitalOcean, including Linux and Windows workloads
  • Enables customers to complete cloud migration faster with less expense

SAN JOSE, Calif. – November 14, 2023 — / BackupReview.info / — Rackware, a leading innovator in hybrid cloud management solutions, today announced full support for DigitalOcean’s cloud platform. The RackWare Management Module (RMM) on DigitalOcean provides a fully integrated solution for all your Assessment, Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery and Backup needs for the DigitalOcean cloud platform. This gives customers an easy way to kick-start migration projects on DigitalOcean and provide cutting-edge Disaster Recovery onto the DigitalOcean cloud.

RackWare RMM Enables Customers to Complete Cloud Migration Faster With Less Expense

RackWare’s highly automated solution can replicate from any hypervisor, physical server, cloud and application into DigitalOcean in less time and less expense, including Linux and Windows workloads.

Key aspects of RackWare RMM include:

RackWare Assess: Fully automated evaluation of the IT landscape to cover an inventory of compute, memory and storage. Allows monitoring to determine over- and under-provisioned resources, provides right-sizing recommendations, and identifies application affinities to help wave planning. It provides the necessary data to plan migration into DigitalOcean and configure DR/Backup for apps into DigitalOcean.

RackWare CloudMotion: Secure, non-disruptive replication of servers (physical and virtual) from any source, data center or cloud to DigitalOcean. Simply deploy RMM in a DigitalOcean account, allow Secure Socket Shell (SSH) connectivity back to the source workloads meeting the pre-requisites and press ‘Go’ — the one-click operation will initiate replication and auto-provision data and applications to DigitalOcean. RackWare highly efficient delta syncs ensure minimal downtime at cutover.

RackWare CloudProtect: A converged Disaster Recovery and Backup solution, enabling everything from Single File Restore to full server restoration of entire environments to DigitalOcean. Enterprises can protect production workloads in DigitalOcean, allowing for rapid recovery of applications and data in case of natural disasters or cyber-attacks such as ransomware.

To kick off your move to DigitalOcean with confidence using RackWare’s RMM, visit rackwareinc.com/digitalocean

About RackWare
RackWare makes data and applications mobile and secure. We empower our customers to run their applications and store their data in any cloud of their choice. Seamless mobility allows our customers to take advantage of cutting-edge services or reduced costs as they become available throughout the cloud universe. And if disaster strikes, whether that be of the natural or cyber-criminality type, our proprietary replication and sync technology has our customers protected. RackWare is based in Silicon Valley with offices in Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, London and Pune, India.

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