Boston Bruins will utilize Wasabi hot cloud storage to archive its media and offer innovative fan experiences

BOSTON, MA – May 15, 2024 — / / — Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company, launched its new Cloud Innovators series which explores the ways hot cloud storage is shaping the future of technology for the innovative thought leaders and iconic brands Wasabi partners with. The first episode features Josh Carley, vice president of technology for TD Garden and the Boston Bruins.

As a storied sports icon with fans all over the world, the Bruins organization has a big reputation to maintain on and off the ice. While the organization celebrates a rich history, they’re looking forward to what comes next and seeing how data and technology can help them meet financial and cultural goals, while bringing the guest experience of the future to life in Beantown.

The Bruins use Wasabi services to archive its audio-visual data—all the historic moments on the ice that are featured on jumbotrons and in film reels eventually make their way into the Wasabi cloud. “It’s a massive amount of archive footage, which is especially important for our centennial celebration,” Carley says. “We’ve showcased so many moments from previous eras, and when our alumni come to games, they’re on the ice while we air footage from their time as a Bruin.”

It’s not just archiving that’s going to propel the Bruins forward, however. “We have a lot of amazing opportunities to create value and excitement for the guest experience,” Carley said. “Wasabi’s cloud services and data applications are crucial to those offerings.”

As virtualization and cloud services grow exponentially, there’s no doubt that data and business success are inextricably linked in today’s digital world.

“Everything revolves around data in the cloud, and if we can get access to it, we are going to be a better business,” Carley said. “If it’s done in a secure and effective fashion, the sky’s the limit for what we can accomplish.”

That’s especially true for two cutting-edge approaches — frictionless entry and digital twinning — the Bruins are exploring for their own digital transformation, he added.

“We have a lot of really awesome ideas for the guest experience that will depend on how quickly we can gather and use our data,” said Carley. “We’re going to leverage Wasabi’s expertise to help us achieve those ends.”

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