The free, secure personal content space includes new dynamic features that enable users to get the most out of their content. 

Helsinki, Finland – February 12, 2014 — / — Younited by F-Secure, the secure, personal content cloud service, has moved from its limited release phase into full production and general availability. New users can jump right into their free, fully encrypted 5GB account. Younited comes complete with amped-up features like Dropbox integration and the ability to create collections of content integrated from different devices and clouds.

Younited’s “all clouds become one” approach is taking shape, with Dropbox integrated in addition to Facebook and Picasa. Users can now access all their Facebook, Dropbox and Picasa content right from within younited. And two or three more popular clouds are still expected to be integrated in the first half of the year. Younited’s ability to seamlessly sync content from a user’s laptop, tablet, smartphone and desktop devices makes it a convenient service to access all pictures, music and video files or any other personal content in one safe place.

Collections – a new dynamic approach
Users can now integrate content from Facebook, Picasa and Dropbox, as well as from any of their younited-connected devices, into a single Collection.

“Collections erase the borders between clouds and devices, letting people organize content according to their own preference rather than being boxed in by a service,” says Timo Laaksonen, Vice President, Content Cloud at F-Secure. “Let’s say you have a birthday party. You have birthday photos on your phone, on your spouse’s phone, and friends share more birthday photos in Dropbox and Picasa. You can create just one ‘Birthday’ collection in younited, and see all the photos there.”

Setting a Collection apart from an ordinary folder is the fact that there is no content duplication, so users don’t use up any additional storage quota by creating one. Instead, a Collection simply points to the location of, rather than duplicates, the original files – a more dynamic approach to file organization.

Secure, private and trustworthy
Amid endless revelations about threats to consumer privacy, people are concerned about the privacy of their data. With younited, users don’t sacrifice their privacy. Everything is encrypted. And unlike with many other Internet services, no user information is exposed to advertisers.

Younited now includes optional two-factor authentication on login, which improves security by requiring additional proof that a user is who they claim to be. In addition to the standard username and password, the user also must enter a PIN code generated from an authenticator app on their smartphone.

“People are tired of not knowing who to trust,” says Laaksonen. “People have been very drawn to younited – our message of privacy, and control over your own content is really resonating. Our users appreciate that younited comes from a company with 25 years of expertise in security. We know how to keep your content safe and protect your privacy.”

Younited is available in Free, Medium and Premium versions for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, as well as a web client. Linux clients are also available although not officially supported. The free version offers all younited’s functionality along with 5GB of safe cloud storage. Medium expands safe cloud storage to 200GB and retails at €74,99 a year. Premium provides users with 500GB of safe cloud storage, retailing at €120 a year. For more information about younited’s features and functionalities, and to download younited, visit

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