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F-Secure’s new Incident Response Report points to email inboxes as the weakest link in security perimeters, and finds that companies struggle with quickly and accurately detecting security incidents Helsinki, Finland – February 22, 2018 — / — Over one-third of all security incidents start with phishing emails or malicious attachments sent to company employees, according [...]

Insecure defaults in Intel AMT allow an intruder to completely bypass user and BIOS passwords and TPM and Bitlocker PINs to backdoor almost any corporate laptop in a matter of seconds Helsinki, Finland – January 12, 2018 — / — F-Secure reports a security issue affecting most corporate laptops that allows an attacker with physical [...]

F-Secure is partnering with the Global Cyber Alliance to step up the fight against malicious URLs with a secure DNS service that companies and individuals can use for free Helsinki, Finland – November 16, 2017 — / — Every single day, F-Secure Labs discovers nearly 30,000 malicious URLs used in phishing attacks, ransomware campaigns, and [...]

Email exposure study also shows 81% of the world’s top CEOs have had their personal information exposed in spam lists or leaked marketing databases Helsinki, Finland – October 25, 2017 — / — Nearly one in three major CEOs has been “pwned” using their company email address, according to a new F-Secure study of CEO [...]

New service quantifies breach impact in real numbers before it happens, empowering decision makers to invest in the right security controls Helsinki, Finland – September 13, 2017 — / — What’s the cost of a data breach? Depending on who you ask, anywhere from $200,000 to $3.6 million* and higher. Such averages, while useful in [...]

Social engineering is simple these days, and spam has re-surged as an attack vector Helsinki, Finland – June 21, 2017 — / — With the decline of exploit kits, spam email has re-emerged as a popular attack vector for spreading malware, frauds and scams. And one trick spammers use to fool recipients is posing as [...]

With its unique web topology mapping feature, F-Secure Radar does what other vulnerability management tools won’t: It helps admins discover their full attack surface, internal and external. Helsinki, Finland – May 24, 2017 — / — Companies are always looking for the new technology that will protect them from cyber attacks. Yet, F-Secure experts say [...]

Acquisition will help F-Secure bring its comprehensive portfolio of products and services to more UK organizations, and strengthen its position as a leading cyber security company Helsinki, Finland – May 11, 2017 — / — Cyber security company F-Secure today announces it has acquired Digital Assurance – a UK based security consultancy firm offering information [...]

F-Secure customers can now benefit from Cloud Protection’s ability to eliminate risks from malicious files and links uploaded by users HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 4, 2017 — / — F-Secure today announced it has launched F-Secure Cloud Protection on the Salesforce AppExchange, protecting organizations against malicious content shared in the cloud. F-Secure Cloud Protection checks [...]

Overconfidence in technology is leaving companies exposed to phishing and other attacks that prey on humans, as evidenced by red team tests where 52% of employees clicked on a link in a fake email HELSINKI, FINLAND – March 22, 2017 — / — Attackers consistently prey on companies that have what cyber security experts call [...]

As Data Privacy Day approaches, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen warns about the growing intrusiveness of social media and internet-connected devices Helsinki, Finland – January 26, 2017 — / — The unstoppable growth of both social media and the Internet of Things presents increasing privacy challenges for consumers, says Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer. [...]

F-Secure researchers find multiple vulnerabilities in a NAS device that attackers can use to steal data and passwords, or even remotely execute commands Helsinki, Finland – Jan. 17, 2017 — / — F-Secure researchers have discovered three vulnerabilities in a network attached storage (NAS) device made by QNAP Systems Inc. The cyber security company warns that [...]

Cyber security provider F-Secure introduces file and link content protection software HELSINKI, FINLAND – November 3, 2016 — / — While cloud computing services have many benefits for companies, security remains a shared responsibility between service providers and customers. Cyber security provider F-Secure is looking to help companies secure content shared in the cloud by [...]

F-Secure Rapid Detection Service combines decoy sensors, threat intelligence, and 24/7 monitoring by a team of cyber security experts to help companies fight cyber attacks HELSINKI, FINLAND – May 18, 2016 — / — If you aren’t seeing security incidents, you’re probably missing something. That’s the message from F-Secure as it launches a unique new [...]

F-Secure’s acquisition of nSense bolsters the company’s expansion into the enterprise segment by offering businesses complete defensive solutions and services for modern threats. HELSINKI, FINLAND – June 2, 2015 — / — F-Secure announced today that it has acquired nSense – a privately held Danish company providing security consultations, vulnerability assessment services and related products [...]

F-Secure security researchers highlight the risks that exploits pose to people running outdated or unpatched software HELSINKI, FINLAND – May 28, 2015 — / — F-Secure warns of the ongoing risks associated with exploits, which are attacks that take advantage of software vulnerabilities to compromise systems and provide criminals with an entry point for crimeware. [...]

The new version of F-Secure’s popular Freedome VPN puts Mac owners in control of their online privacy. HELSINKI, FINLAND – May 5, 2015 — / — OS X delivers an intuitive user experience and pleasing aesthetic design to Mac users, and many MacBook owners can be seen enjoying their machines in public. But enjoying these [...]

F-Secure Labs’ latest white paper highlights CozyDuke as part of an ongoing series of Advanced Persistent Threats targeting governments and other large organizations. HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 30, 2015 — / — A new malware analysis from F-Secure Labs points to CozyDuke – – as a continuing menace facing governments and other large organizations. CozyDuke is an [...]

New research indicates that ransomware and other threats designed to attack people’s wallets continue to grow HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 23, 2015 — / — New research from cyber security firm F-Secure points to an increase in the amount of malware designed to extort money from unsuspecting mobile phone and PC users. According to the [...]

Cyber security firm F-Secure launches Freedome for Business to help businesses secure BYOD and company-owned fleets of mobile devices. HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 14, 2015 — / — Today’s employees want to use whatever device they need to get the job done. This means many companies are embracing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, but often at the [...]

New one-button tool from online security leader F-Secure helps people keep their Internet traffic heading in the right direction. HELSINKI, FINLAND – March 25, 2015 — / — The Internet works in mysterious ways for many people, and that’s something that attackers can use to their advantage. But Internet users now have an easy-to-use tool [...]

On Safer Internet Day, F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen asks whether we’ve created a monster. He shares practical things we can all do to create a better Internet together. HELSINKI, FINLAND – February 10, 2015  – / — It’s Safer Internet Day, but with malware attacks and privacy infringements constantly in the news, often it feels like [...]

As part of the agreement the companies will cooperate to jointly sell best-of-breed personal cloud and security services to operators HELSINKI, FINLAND – February 4, 2015 — / — F-Secure has agreed to sell its personal cloud business, younited, to Synchronoss, a leader in cloud services and software-based activation serving communications service providers across the [...]

Businesses, especially online advertisers, know more about you than ever. F-Secure’s new list of privacy principles highlight respect for your data, while products like Freedome keep advertisers at arms’ length HELSINKI, FINLAND – January 28, 2015 — / — In age when companies know more about you than ever, do you know what they’re doing [...]

F-Secure Freedome now brings even better super-simple privacy and security to smartphones, tablets and now desktops too—with one subscription HELSINKI, FINLAND – January 21, 2015 — / — Intelligence agencies and criminals aren’t the only people who may be tracking your online behavior. Turns out there’s a lot more to your browsing session than meets [...]

While they’ll spend on covers and cases to protect phone and tablet purchases, shoppers will neglect to protect their device’s WiFi connection – and with it, their privacy HELSINKI, FINLAND – November 25, 2014 — / — November 25, 2014: It’s holiday shopping season again, and consumers will join the rush to buy devices and accessories for [...]

Drop Dropbox, Facebook and Google, Snowden recently advised. An F-Secure survey shows many people are willing to make the switch to more secure services. HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 29, 2014 — / — On the heels of Edward Snowden’s advice to switch from Dropbox, Facebook and Google to services that place a high priority on [...]

The new Globe Cloud, powered by F-Secure, will allow Globe customers to access their photos and stream videos via any of their devices. HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 16, 2014 — / — F-Secure and Globe Telecom, the leading telecommunications operator in the Philippines, have struck a deal to provide safe personal cloud services to Globe’s mobile [...]

F-Secure-powered KPN Up lets customers stream, share and access their photos and videos anywhere. HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 3, 2014 — / — F-Secure and Dutch telecommunications leader KPN have expanded their partnership to provide free secure online storage services to KPN internet subscribers. With its new service Up, which is powered by F-Secure’s safe, [...]

In a Europol-supported investigation, researchers found consumers recklessly exposing their personal details via public wi-fi and carelessly agreeing to outlandish terms and conditions HELSINKI, FINLAND – September 30, 2014 — / — A new F-Secure wi-fi investigation conducted on the streets of London shows that consumers carelessly use public wi-fi without regard for their personal [...]

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